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  1. Hi! I'm sorry for asking but i have not had a computer for like 2 months and is trying to catch up with the game. what is the current meta? What builders is the best for physical/magical dmg? Do you use a tank? Or dps, if dps what class is best dps? Sorry for asking but could not find a thread!
  2. Should be really nice in combination with the apprentices flameburst to set the oil on fire :) ye i thaught the same. Might work really well with flamethrower too (if they get buffed so they are useable).
  3. They have said they wont start working on releasing new characters before the game is finished, so they might come but it will probaly take a while.
  4. i got one on my first run AND the first boss(skeleton) on normal free play little horn valley.
  5. I think most agree with this, and keep crit as bonus stat only, i really like the attackspeed and it agve us more options on what items and what builds to have
  6. But this was also the trailer for when it still was a moba right? so a lot has changed since that.
  7. a reroll is that they reroll the stats on the items(to get rid of the most op gear), wipe is deleting allthe items.
  8. Does squire have any combos atm? I don't play him so i am wondering if he has any at all? i can't think of any.
  9. Ye thats what i have right now, but would be fun to be able to have more imo :)
  10. Why can you only have 6 charachters? I feel like being able to have 8 would make much more sense, since you can have two of each with 8 slots. And especially if they want DPS to be more of a viable role, so you can have one builder of each and one dps of each. What do you guys think?
  11. Ye, i think he means where you automaticly becomes leader for a public game. This i also would like, this way you can decide what map to play and still have other join.
  12. Hello, i'm a new Councillor and iwhen i try to play DD2 i just get the message " No versions available for you " http://prntscr.com/4k6u3f Is there something i have to do to play or did i miss something ^^? Playverse name: Tammy Edit: Reinstalling does not change anything still same problem :/
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