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  1. They said with UE4 we can have a lot of graphic/performance options. So I hope unlocked fps is part of that.
  2. DDA use UE4 (Epic engine) so it'll probably be on EGS because devs using EU4 and EGS get more money for each sale. I hope DDA will also be on Microsoft store and Xbox gamepass for PC.
  3. Yes good for people, looks like there is more and more option. When I refunded they proposed to lower my pledge but use the credit to purchase additional copy of the game. It's good to know that they can also refund.
  4. Well too bad in the sticky thread LAWLTA said that they knew during the campaign about the shipping fee. So they made a bad decision of not telling us. Also I'll repeat myself but when you purchase something you must be informed of all the costs including shipping. Like LemonyNebula said we are in our right to ask for a refund and I did it (CG refunded my pledge on friday may 24 and I got my money back on my account the following monday) but I still support DDA. (Quoting in this forum are so bad I can't change the title of a quote ? I can't quote from another thread... ) Anyway let the devs work, they have a lot to do. Yes we want more updates but making a news on Kickstarter make people post more comments, ask more questions meaning more work. LAWLTA really did his best to sort out the shipping problems and I believe they are all working really hard on DDA/DD2. CG should stream tonight on twitch so we can hope for some DDA news during the DD2 stream.
  5. Remember not to lie and tell your customer about additional fee. Especially if you know them beforehand. If the game is good I will buy it at launch but I won't support lies. I'm still excited to see what DDA will be, the same as the first day. I have been following the Kickstarter since day one. Helped people in comments and even after refund I'm still watching the Kickstarter/forum/discord everyday. You also need to understand that not everyone can/want to pay half of their pledge. And we don't have 4 month to raise 30€ but less than a month. Because you had to answer the survey. I received 3 email telling me to answer my survey in the last week.
  6. Same here just received the message that my pledge has been refunded. Thank you CG and good luck with DD:A. I hope you can deliver it on time without bugs.
  7. Ok thank you, I sent my ticket for full refund Saturday, so during the weekend. I will probably have an answer at the end of the week.
  8. What email did you received ? One from CG or the automated email when you send a ticket ? When did you send the ticket ?
  9. lol https://www.backerkit.com/blog/12-top-5-things-to-know-when-your-campaign-ends/
  10. I don't think giving DDA exclusive reward instead of gems is a good idea. US backer will not be able to get it and another riot will start. But I still don't think giving gems is a good idea, some people backed because you said that Awakened will capture the magic of DDI. Guess what I hate DDII, having to pay for additional bag/chest/heroes/..., always online, average 600 players daily on steam. I want to say something about this part: I looked at more than 20 ongoing project about different thing (games, art, music, sand drawing thing,...), project going from 200$ to 4m$ (yes 4 million, I guess people like 3d printer) and all of them put the shipping in the campaign. So people know what they have to pay. You don't wan't to put it in the campaign ? Fine put it in the FAQ but at least tell us that we will have to pay. In France: "the delivery costs is responsibility of the seller and removal expense of the buyer, unless stipulation of the contrary". I buy on Amazon, I pay shipping at checkout, bought my phone OP5T, I paid shipping at checkout. The only time I had to pay an additional fee was because the package was stuck at customs post and I had to pay taxes. In EU: https://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/consumers/shopping/shipping-delivery/index_en.htm I don't need to quote you again right ? You knew during the kickstarter... I want a refund of my 75$ pledge. Thank you.
  11. Thank you, I appreciate the work you are doing here but I would like a refund. I closed my eyes on any DD2 costumes from tiers reward since I don't play the game. So I don't see what gems for a game I don't play will change. Also: "During" the campaign you knew that non US backers will have to pay but didn't say anything. This is the problem here, if you told us back then we could have adjusted our pledge or cancel it without going through all this. The 3rd option looks good but what I'm going to do with another game key ? Told my friend about the kickstarter and we both backed, I bought a gaming computer and don't own any consoles. I still have DD1 collection in my steam inventory from back when you announced the end of DDE and don't wan't to have a DDA key (that will probably have an expiration date).
  12. I want to believe in them but they need to communicate more and be transparent. I still don't know why we have to pay 30$, so I try to understand. I did try to estimate how much the total shipping cost will be (30k?) but with what we know it's hard to estimate. There is 2169 backers with a physical reward (Tier 40$+, excluding tier 500). On the project community tab we know that half the backers are from the US and we also know that US backer don't have shipping fee in the survey. I don't have the top countries per tier but assuming that half the physical reward goes to US, I don't think shipping will be free. Yet US backers pay nothing. To send a 500g (shirt + "large printed celebratory poster") package from France to France we have to pay 5€. Assuming it's the same for US, who will pay the +5k€ (1000 US backer * 5€) for the US shipping? This is just a guess but my answer: every non US backers. Or maybe they believed that they could cover the shipping cost but the kickstarter ended with 185% of the goal so doubling the shipping cost. Well we can all make assumptions until CG make a statement. Also I find it funny that there is a dev tracker on the right side of the forum, make it easier for us to know when a dev post. Last forum message is from last week, same for twitter and discord but I know that they are watching and reading most of our messages. It's Wednesday and in a few hours US offices will close. If no news tomorrow maybe they took the week to think and will use the friday stream to talk about it.
  13. Here is what I know after "READING" kickstarter FAQ and creating a fake project: https://imgur.com/a/ROjalGe? They have chosen no shipping involved in all the tier reward. Before launch, they should have known anything related to shipping (note from "important" notice). They hid the shipping cost from us, nothing in the Campaign/FAQ about it. From the last update we know that they are doing research about the shipping cost. Does that mean they did nothing beforehand ? Quote from the news: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/chromaticgames/dungeon-defenders-awakened/posts/2486911 And now they expect us to pay 30$ to ship a 10$ t-shirt. Or pay 30$ and don't get the 10$ shirt + waiting undetermined amount of time for the refund. 30$, "specific shipping fulfillment process for you" 30$, for a shirt and a poster. 30$, 3/4 of the 40$ tier. 30$, 2/5 of my 75$ tier. Checking other kickstarter from US the shipping cost to France is 15$ for a board game (25*18*5) but 30$ for a T-SHIRT and a poster!!!
  14. Exactly. The t-shirt (and credit name) is a reward for the 40$ tier from 30$. That mean if I refuse the t-shirt, my reward from the 40$ tier is only my name in the credit AND I will have to wait for a refund on the shipping fee. Refund that will probably take another month if not more. So in my 75$ pledge, I lost the 10$ for the t-shirt but still have to pay for it. Want me to pay then how about you refund the shipping, the t-shirt (and the poster) ?
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