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  1. The meta will always change, it's human nature.
  2. Thank you Trendy for lighting my torch just in time for Christmas
  3. I personally think that once the casual player base finishes Campaign mode (" if " they even finish), they drop off playing the game fairly quick in any other modes available. I do think this game is very punishing when it does come down to amount of time you have to play. You could technically spend anywhere from 5-30 minutes coming up with a build on a map and lose within 30 seconds after the match starts, due to any number of reasons (Bad wall placement, weak gear, glitched mobs, etc). Without the ability to learn from your mistakes (maybe a replay option, ghost imaging, even an indication of which lane caused the failure) or an option to continue (maybe 1-2 times max, only available in trials) from where you failed, I believe this is where it hurts a lot of the casual leading up the the average player base. At the end of the day all you have left now is the Average to Hardcore player who is willing to stick it out, put more hours into the game, get more skilled and grind out end game. ** EDIT ** My definition of a casual gamer in this particular instance is someone who is willing to put in 100-250 hours into a game before putting it down. In the examples above, I feel that most beginners to the game will get to about 25 hours tops before calling it quits.
  4. nuzo


    Here's your proof with pictures: Image Album  Lawlta Could I get a refund now please, I did it for Science! P.S. Also offering my application as a Beta Tester <3 Thank you :)
  5. nuzo


    Just to explain my experience from what I recall. I had a higher gearscore Barb than my Dryad at the time of purchase but the barb was not in my deck at the time and Wayfarer just went off the gearscore of my Dryad. The difference was about 75-100 gearscore. From the responses in this thread, I doubt its RNG and he does give you the highest possible roll if I'm not mistaken. I wish I had screenshots to prove it or maybe my memory is just playing tricks on me :(
  6. nuzo


    Yeah...I agree with that. While there's the new Gear Score system, I actually never expected the Wayfarer system to change on the matter of forging based on your gear that much. Hmmm...didn't crossed my mind when you mention that it might not be working as intended. Deleted my post because I don't have conclusive evidence to support my input other than that 1 purchase I made. Unless someone has data, I'm all ears. Just a hunch
  7. Try repairing the game files. In Steam goto your -- Library > Right click Dungeon Defenders 2 > Properties > [Local Files Tab] > *click* Verify Integrity of Game Files ... (Let Steam do its thing, could take 10+ minutes sometimes) If there are any errors, Steam will redownload any corrupted files. From time to time, a file gets corrupted. No clue why or how it happens. It has been happening to me often, as soon as my game crashes, the steps above always fixes the problem.
  8. Unfortunately, no matter how you design any game, you will always have to deal with people that will AFK or leech. Great idea above and I've thought of this very same idea back in the past that was exactly what you said with the penalty of punishing the person who fails at their lane by not rewarding them with anything. However, I feel its just a band-aid fix if you create any mode that's designed specifically for group participation and you'll always have a weak link or leech or someone not strong enough to carry their own weight. I was also thinking that in Public games only, Trendy could design a system that objectives have to be met in order to qualify for the bonus. ie: (1) Upgrade 5 defenses (2) Do 5 million damage (3) Collect 100 mana etc Maybe 5 or so total objectives to not make it so cumbersome to play with friends or in public but enough to force AFKers to participate if they want rewards. Thanks for all the feedback! Cheers
  9. I don't see how better drops for more players forces you to party in any way. This was how DD1 worked, and it was never forced. You could solo and still get great gear - the odds were just more difficult. It was not a penalty to play alone, but a bonus if you played with others. That was the pure magic in that setup. So many of us would start matches and just wait, and sure enough your party would fill up rather fast. We all wanted to be in 4 players matches. Use the carrot - not the stick. [[18530,users]] Exactly, you got it. That's what I would love to see in this game to encourage a larger community experience. [[174624,users]] Many many games give bonuses for grouping, that's the entire point of building a community. One of the many reasons people don't stick around in this game is due to the fact that the game is rather punishing for grouping with others rather than rewarding and the learning curve is fairly high for beginners when learning how to play this game.
  10. Goal: Encourage group gameplay (mostly focused on getting more public games listed in the finder) Idea: Add a 5% bonus incentive per person during group play. Total 20% bonus boost. Affected stats: - Defender Medals - Gold - Experience (Pet and Player) - Hero stats - Movement speed ?? Not affected: - Towers - Quests Pros: - Encourage more group play and fill up public games. Cons: - Solo players will feel neglected or be forced to group to earn more rewards. - AFK players EDITED: (just added some ideas from below) Possible Prerequisites to activate bonus + receive a final chest upgrade ??: 1) Upgrade 5 different unique defenses 2) > 2 Million damage done to bosses 3) Collect 200 mana ?? (not from other players dropped) [This could prove difficult if 1 player collects entire map] 4) Actively loot 5 items off the ground ?? 5a) Use pet skill 3 times (This would prove difficult as well if a player doesn't have an upgraded pet ??) or 5b) Activate map defenses 5 times. Completing Prerequisites could reward quality of chest ??? 5 -- Legendary 4 -- Mythical 3 -- Rare 2 and below -- Sturdy Was also thinking that the above pre'q could show up as Icons on the right side of the screen. Once you achieve a pre'q you'd activate the icon for 1% bonus buff for the entire team. All 5 would be 5% bonus which would equal 20% total for all 4 players activated. These are just brainstormed ideas. Suggestions more than welcomed! Cheers 
  11. nuzo

    Map Wide Mana Pool

    Idea: Global usage of a map wide mana pool. Goal: Improve gameplay during Public / group play. No more dropping mana for others. Challenge/Mastery maps might still be Mana per person if that's a goal of keeping it challenging. Pros: - Mostly to aid / assist the Public game mode. - Avoid lost mana during mid-build stage when people quit. ( Builds then become incredible difficult to come back from, very unforgiving. ) - AFKer's become less of a problem. - Encourages more group play to collect mana for the team, not just the individual. Cons: - Potential for 1 person to use all mana in 1 area of defense. (Idea: allocate equal portions of the mana pool during build/upgrade phase to individuals) (Possible side-effect: AFKer's to hold onto mana. Solution: All un-used mana goes back into the mana pool and is open to all during combat phase) - Difficult to get around the AFKers or people who don't know how or want to participate in upgrading defenses. - Suggestions welcome! Cheers
  12. Firstly, I want to start off with that I'm in LOVE with this weapon. The projectile speed is exactly what I've been looking for as far as action. Feels good to once again fire a weapon that sounds, looks and feels fast. Slow weapons seem to slow my brain or something weird like that, perhaps its that Placebo effect? EDITED: [] The secondary skill of releasing the Halberds is way too clunky in a match that it's almost pointless or useless to use during a high, heavy heated battle. Somehow, it's rather buggy that you have to double click your right mouse button to active the Halberd after dpsing? Not sure what's triggering the initial double click funtion, all I can tell for now with some testing was DPSing with left click then going to right click is very glitchy. Suggestion: Allow the skill to be a click (hold mouse button), position Halberd and then release. This way it's more responsive and why not allow us to do it while we're dpsing (holding down left click), this way we can make a DPS rotation out of it. Having to stop holding down left click, right click, wait, worry about placement, then go back to left clicking is cumbersome and has no place in the DPS world, imho. Also, please just allow it to overlap. I'm not sure what the programming aspect issue of that is, it would just make things so much easier on the quality of life while DPSing. The move speed passive on it is almost too good to be true. Love love love IT!. After moving at speeds like that, it's depressing going back to any other move speed. I truly do love the move speed passive. Haven't had many drops to really compare any of the stats other than I feel the range of the Halberd damage is too far of a gap. I have 2 of them that are 200% damage part which seems a little much considering it's doing 300% damage as a base. I understand this might be a case of extreme range spectrum's, just FeelsBadMan. Perhaps having the range between 100% max would be ideal and less frustrating fishing for those perfect stats. Nuzo
  13. Our first try was a gong show but we did it literally with 1 second left, what an epic finish and I just want to say that was extremely fun to do!! Thanks @Trendy <3 This design map brought me back to DD1 days and it's the kinda challenge I was looking for with that extra spice! Nuzo
  14. Every loot based system is going to suffer this same cycle. As much as it hurts me to always compare this game, Diablo genre suffered the same, so they introduced seasons and ladderboards to keep people (that remained behind, while others moved on) engaged into the game. I really had high hopes for Campaign mode in this game and leveling Alts. If they sped up map completion and made it so that Campaign mode got you from 1 - 50 once you're done and rewarded you with some unique weapon for your class, it might have extended some gameplay for the casuals and people who left. I even remember a group of us challenging ourselves by leveling up in Campaign without using any towers at all and trying to make it as far as we could. The only exception we had at the time was able to use Pets. Those were some good times! *nostalgia* The only reason why I'm still here is because I still have faith or at least want to have faith that Trendy will be very successful with this game and I'm being extremely patient with them. GG Deathrow for hitting the nail on the head with a really accurate cycle for I'm sure a lot of people. Sadly, I also agree with [[52650,users]] I'm currently at the same stage ... FeelsBadMan
  15. One of the reasons I'm so salty about this game is due to the fact that the drop rates blow. I thought we were in Alpha and the purpose was to TEST the items, builds, maps, look for bugs/exploits, find things that are broken and try to break things ... If I knew I would be spending 650+ hours testing drop rates, I wouldn't have thrown my money at Trendy. I still love the game, but as far as trying to test things, I've given up long long ago. EDIT: FYI, it only takes them the flip of a switch to adjust drop rates, just sayin' *shrug*
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