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  1. I never really considered Dryad to be Overpowered much so that she was very limited with her defenses being centered around placing a Tree(wall) just to make her defense operate. That alone was enough for me to justify how strong or meta she was. Case and point, after the nerf, she's no longer used other than to create variety in the lower levels of gameplay. Even psychologically, more often than not, once people hear or see the word nerf, the character is shortly abandoned, RIP. For me personally, the game died in my heart once she was nerfed and I was never the same. She was and st
  2. Please add a toggle to the game before you create a match that allows for a "Continuous" mode from waves 1 through 5 without having to press G or a combat phase. Ideally, it would be amazing if a bonus was given out to choose this option as it adds a small level of difficulty but at this point in time, it would just be great to avoid so much waiting around between rounds, due to AFK people or the static internal game delays. Thank you!
  3. It's definitely a very risky move imho. Potential they might divide the community that still plays DD1 and DD2 which will further reduce the current numbers to date. I supported the Kickstarter only to support Chromatic Games. In my own dream world, I would have rather seen that crazy alternate portal you step into be in DD2 that sends you back to DD1 and get the DDA currently being worked on which would keep the community closer together. However, I understand the programming barriers involved in something as crazy as that sounds.
  4. The meta will always change, it's human nature.
  5. Thank you Trendy for lighting my torch just in time for Christmas
  6. I personally think that once the casual player base finishes Campaign mode (" if " they even finish), they drop off playing the game fairly quick in any other modes available. I do think this game is very punishing when it does come down to amount of time you have to play. You could technically spend anywhere from 5-30 minutes coming up with a build on a map and lose within 30 seconds after the match starts, due to any number of reasons (Bad wall placement, weak gear, glitched mobs, etc). Without the ability to learn from your mistakes (maybe a replay option, ghost imaging, even an indica
  7. nuzo


    Here's your proof with pictures: Image Album  Lawlta Could I get a refund now please, I did it for Science! P.S. Also offering my application as a Beta Tester <3 Thank you :)
  8. nuzo


    Just to explain my experience from what I recall. I had a higher gearscore Barb than my Dryad at the time of purchase but the barb was not in my deck at the time and Wayfarer just went off the gearscore of my Dryad. The difference was about 75-100 gearscore. From the responses in this thread, I doubt its RNG and he does give you the highest possible roll if I'm not mistaken. I wish I had screenshots to prove it or maybe my memory is just playing tricks on me :(
  9. nuzo


    Yeah...I agree with that. While there's the new Gear Score system, I actually never expected the Wayfarer system to change on the matter of forging based on your gear that much. Hmmm...didn't crossed my mind when you mention that it might not be working as intended. Deleted my post because I don't have conclusive evidence to support my input other than that 1 purchase I made. Unless someone has data, I'm all ears. Just a hunch
  10. Try repairing the game files. In Steam goto your -- Library > Right click Dungeon Defenders 2 > Properties > [Local Files Tab] > *click* Verify Integrity of Game Files ... (Let Steam do its thing, could take 10+ minutes sometimes) If there are any errors, Steam will redownload any corrupted files. From time to time, a file gets corrupted. No clue why or how it happens. It has been happening to me often, as soon as my game crashes, the steps above always fixes the problem.
  11. Unfortunately, no matter how you design any game, you will always have to deal with people that will AFK or leech. Great idea above and I've thought of this very same idea back in the past that was exactly what you said with the penalty of punishing the person who fails at their lane by not rewarding them with anything. However, I feel its just a band-aid fix if you create any mode that's designed specifically for group participation and you'll always have a weak link or leech or someone not strong enough to carry their own weight. I was also thinking that in Public games only, Trendy could
  12. I don't see how better drops for more players forces you to party in any way. This was how DD1 worked, and it was never forced. You could solo and still get great gear - the odds were just more difficult. It was not a penalty to play alone, but a bonus if you played with others. That was the pure magic in that setup. So many of us would start matches and just wait, and sure enough your party would fill up rather fast. We all wanted to be in 4 players matches. Use the carrot - not the stick. [[18530,users]] Exactly, you got it. That's what I would love to see in this game to encourage a large
  13. Goal: Encourage group gameplay (mostly focused on getting more public games listed in the finder) Idea: Add a 5% bonus incentive per person during group play. Total 20% bonus boost. Affected stats: - Defender Medals - Gold - Experience (Pet and Player) - Hero stats - Movement speed ?? Not affected: - Towers - Quests Pros: - Encourage more group play and fill up public games. Cons: - Solo players will feel neglected or be forced to group to earn more rewards. - AFK players EDITED: (just added some ideas from below) Possible Prerequisites to activate bonus + receive a final chest u
  14. Idea: Global usage of a map wide mana pool. Goal: Improve gameplay during Public / group play. No more dropping mana for others. Challenge/Mastery maps might still be Mana per person if that's a goal of keeping it challenging. Pros: - Mostly to aid / assist the Public game mode. - Avoid lost mana during mid-build stage when people quit. ( Builds then become incredible difficult to come back from, very unforgiving. ) - AFKer's become less of a problem. - Encourages more group play to collect mana for the team, not just the individual. Cons: - Potential for 1 person to use all mana in
  15. Firstly, I want to start off with that I'm in LOVE with this weapon. The projectile speed is exactly what I've been looking for as far as action. Feels good to once again fire a weapon that sounds, looks and feels fast. Slow weapons seem to slow my brain or something weird like that, perhaps its that Placebo effect? EDITED: [] The secondary skill of releasing the Halberds is way too clunky in a match that it's almost pointless or useless to use during a high, heavy heated battle. Somehow, it's rather buggy that you have to double click your right mouse button to active the Halberd after
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