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  1. That sounds really promising , hopefully we can see that spread around in the same DD1 fashion again too to give more value to revisiting some specific maps that people otherwise wouldnt run.
  2. @jako3578 quote:The request for more player slots is a specific request for veterans anyway. The majority of players doesnt even create more than two main characters (Im talking about maining them , farming equips for them , leveling them to max etc). The hero deck will most certainely be changed but by the looks of it it wont be more than 4 characters per run. That doesnt really give any advantage at all. Im sure they will increase the character slots from 6 to something like 8 and thne the rest slots will be purchaseable. Then again it might be open freely from 6 to unlimited or a high ammount. Eitherway it doesnt make the game pay to win at all. Dungeon Defenders has always been about specific builds , stats and combos that work. If you have 6 free slots and 3 characters when the others can have Unlimited Purchased slots and 3 characters it changes nothing.
  3. No , it wouldnt. Im sure they will expand the free slots and its likely that they will have an option for purchasing extra slots They've stated that in the past.
  4. Not really. In DD1 you could have a total of 4 DPS Builds. Elemental Melee , Physical Melee , Elemental Ranged , Physical Ranged. (And ofcourse there are hybrids which didnt quite work well) In DDE two more types of DPS Builds were added (I might be missing few) . Double Pet DPS , Ability Power Caster Thats the same for builders. Who says you can only have 1 type of build for each of your builder? If I want a tower HP squire and a tower Damage squire I sure as hell be able to do it rather than being limited to 6. +(I know they are going to increase the character slot size) ++(I know most of these builds dont currently exist but most have been confirmed for the future)
  5. I am all out of questions. They did an amazing job covering my forum and twitch questions past DevStream. 1.Will we be able to mix parts from our skins? (Example Dragonfall Monk Head , Ninja Monk Body) That way customization goes to a whole new level and gives purpose to farming those multiple tier parts if you have a skin. 2.Other than community workshop maps implimented into the core game in the very far future. Could we possibly see community item designs too?
  6. 1. Will the "3 Heroes per map" limitation be changed in the future? Restrictions like these discourage trying multiple builds and approaching the game in a different way other than following the meta of the month, each month. 2.Will the visuals of the titles be changed? Right now they are un-noticible as they are thrown into before or after your name. Which not only confuses people with finding other player's names , but also downgrade the value of hard-earned titles. (I've made posts and points about both of these , can't stress it enough :P)
  7. I honestly do like the teamwork approach but I definitely hate "how many heroes you can bring" restrictions. Why? In my head , I see this whole deal as a trade. (+)Teamwork Based Gameplay for (-)Hours of replayability , (-)Creativity and (+)Linear gameplay. Losing Hours of replayablity: I've said it before in a couple of posts. This really discourages players from trying unique builds. Games like these are always going to have a "meta". Right now its Monk+Huntress. And while the team always seeks to balance things out , theres always going to be something stronger than the other , thats not avoidable. Now If i can only bring 3 classes into a game , why try something fancy? Im restricted , I can't experiment. I cant bring my Tower HP Squire change to my Power Defense Squire then switch to my Defense Speed Trapper and then whatever my heart desires. I can't play the game the way I want to . So what does that do? Erase a bunch potentional gameplay time for a player like me , and as a DD Veteran , from experience im sure there are more people like me out there. It's not like you don't have to farm items and grind exp for each character or level them up. I don't see any harm in bringing back the old system where you could bring any character you'd want , infact I can only see benefits. But i'm sure im missing few points to defend the current system which i really cant see. Losing Creativity: As said , as a veteran DD1 and DDE player. Trying out cool stuff was a thing me and my friends loved to do. As soon as I was done with the game , the first thing i'd seek , is reason to play even more. Thats where creative builds would come in. This just shuts downs posibilities and will , to try out different stuff. Making Gameplay more Llnear than it could be Wide: Its never going to be linear gameplay experience with all the things that are going to be added such as challenges , titles and so on. But why make the main focus "the teamwork type of gameplay" when you can have both? Solo play is still by all means viable , but it just can be a bigger experience. And opening up how many chars you can bring into a game expands both scenarios , solo and online play. Now for those who fear that this is going to make people get carried from others that bring multiple characters , isnt that going to happen anyway? People always going to bring the top 3 most played characters in 99% of the endgame matches , thats not a bullet the game can dodge anyway. But anyway, thats just how I feel about it. Let me know what you guys think.
  8. Well , I was clear wasnt I? If they make it so you are only able to build in specific places in the tavern , they wont be able to build them in places that you can't see the defenses at all. Another Solution ontop of that is a toggled minimap on social tavern that shows defenses on map.
  9. Excuse me for the re-post , I now just obtained my Defense Counchilor Title through Trendy Support Team and I only now have access to the Defense Counchilor forums. This DOES exist in the normal suggestion forums from me , If i had the chance I would only upload this once here but given the time back then I had no access to this forum section. Enjoy! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So Dungeon Defenders has been always the type of game that would offer players replayability through achievements , in-game skin unlocks and other various ways. Now with Dungeon Defenders 2 we have titles and while that sounds awesome , its put into the game a little bit akwardly. What do I mean by that?   This is how your title and name looks like in the foundry. You must be thinking , that actually looks badass , right? Well the titles ingame look a little bit different. They are akwardly put before or after your name making it extremely long and to be honest almost make the title unoticeble and give it no value. Ontop if that , it might sometimes make identifying the name of a player harder than it should. It should be looking something like this : So i've been thinking , why not change how titles look above or below the characters? Something a little bit like this : or Hopefully the post isnt that long due to pictures and it draws the attention of the community. Im sure more people than just myself would want to see this implemented into the game! (Its not a priority ofcourse , but it would make the game look a little bit more badass for us achievement hunters ;) ) My last note/suggestion about titles is pushing it a little bit further and adding value to the title. This way it gives even more purpose to go after these achievements , and as said in Development Stream 20 , the team is looking to add these type of grindy elements into the game to open it horizontally Negative , positive or neutral feedback is very welcome , leave your thoughts in the comments below! Extras: Font name used is "Berlin Sans FB Demi Bold" and it was the DD1 Font. TLDR: Titles ingame look akward and an upgrade would be awesome
  10. Yeah but im afraid with the ammount of people constantly leaving and joining the social tavern , that 5-10 minute delay till defenses vanish wont matter at all. If theres anything to suggest is only be able to build in specific surfaces of the social tavern. That way we can spot them fast and not have them glitched/hidden from trolls. Going to a private game surely is a temporarily solution, but why should we be forced to go there in the long run? "Private game" is not an excuse for this behavior. We should not be discouraged from the social aspect in the game, and have to hide in private games.
  11. As much as we've already recieved a bunch of goodies , a defense counchilor type of pet (or skin for reusage on our newer pets?) would be awesome.
  12. ShiKaizoku

    XP Boosts

    More or less covers up my thoughts aswell.
  13. ShiKaizoku

    Map Levels

    Yeah I would love to see the old system implimented back , the one that says the recommended levels for maps. This one has item power which is a little bit weird , levels are more straight forward , perhaps a combination of both would be all we need.
  14. ShiKaizoku

    Few things

    1. I'm sure there will be improvements to how partying and matchmaking works , they've talked about that over and over and I agree with you that it needs a revamp. 2.I dont want Trendy to see the community asking for a 4th Deck and build around it. We can do more than that. Hero Decks should (in my opinion be completely revamped) This honestly discourages players to create multiple types of heroes. Whats the point of doing this unique thing that nobody does if I cant bring it in my game? Whats the point of testing out badass combinations if im limited to it and it wont work on public? Its just a huge no to what the game has been in the past and I do get that we need to evolve , but this part would be fine if it was like in DD1/DDE. 3.I do understand where you are coming from , but I can't imagine Dungeon Defenders with a speed up mode , while its CLASSIC for Tower Defense type of games it just sounds and gets pictured in my head weirdly. Perhaps if they impliment it somehow as a tougher mode I suppose so.
  15. Sorry about that , things are way clearer now . So if I got that right , we are turning this suggestion into a challenge that basicly awards you with a title and xp/gold. So would it be like this? : Title "name" Description : Beat a map (or Beat a specific map) without changing classes? How would that be applied in a senseful way because it would be probably done by all new players on level 1. And if its enabled when you are level 25 then eventually at some point even if you have never read the description of that challenge it will be automaticly be done. Im sorry if I didnt get it for like the 10th time if thats not what you meant once again.
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