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  1. Hi All, I noticed that the lanes change depending if you are playing solo vs playing as a group. For example a single player will only encounter 1 heavy lane the first round vs a full party of players will experience all lanes as heavy lanes. With this said, I still am having trouble soloing NM3 mode with 4 toons who have 500-600 iPWR. Currently the gear that I am going for is NM4 level and I can't even pass the first stage with a DPS character and full builders all with 500-600 iPWRs. I really need more DU so I can synergize more of my players together. Currently I can't even many of my monk auras because of the limit on DU. Instead I'm using the DU for walls, mines, and frost towers. Adding more DU will greatly aid us with playing the game in both multiplayer and solo play. Thanks LordJJ
  2. Definitely would be OP if this came out with the heavy monsters. It already takes a lot of time in the higher game modes (NM 1, 2, 3, 4) to kill the Draks / Orcs. If this snail came out with a wither beast I'll throw my laptop out the window and give up the game all together.
  3. Also the lane color indicator closest to the throne / door thing aren't showing up (left side).
  4. Hi All, So I'm a bit bummed that I don't get a chance to use all of the merchants in the game. If the blacksmith had things that would lead to upgrades I would be buying items from him, but there is nothing he has ever offered that was worth buying. Everything he has is greens or gray and nothing is ever better than any gear I have. Now that I'm in NM3 gear there is definitely nothing I can get from him. It would be great if he had items that I could purchase that would lead to upgraded gear that would make the harder challenges more doable! LordJJ
  5. Yeah, you're the lucky one Seph. It's still not distributing properly on my account. Did you buy any expansions to your bags? I bought 4-5 extra bags. Maybe that's something?
  6. Hi All, I'm not sure exactly what the different game types are. I know it says Onslaught, Incursion, Etc but I have no idea what the description of these games are. It would be a good idea to give a description with type of loot available for each of the game types so people won't be lost when trying to choose a game. Moreover, it may help avoid all the pileup into "End Game - Nightmare" games. LordJJ
  7. Hi All, I think this part of the game needs a serious overhaul. I cannot tell what damage is from my characters, what damage if from my defenses, and how they compare against other players. Additionally, I have no idea what the up triangle, down triangle, and star do next to a players name. Finally, if you can put this all in one concise page after you fix everything else that would be AWESOME! LordJJ
  8. It would be great if we can post stats of items to chat by Shift-Clicking on them when the icon is blinking in the chat menu. This would put the name of the item into chat with a link for others to view what items you link. This would be exactly like World of Warcraft with their items broadcasting in general trade or whatever. LordJJ
  9. Hi All, Apparently the stats on the defenses don't stay when a player leaves. This is a problem for me because in onslaught the players usually leave around stage 12 because of things happening at their houses like needing to go shopping, the tower / walls HP drop down to nothing practically. It would be nice if the stats remained after the player leaves. LordJJ
  10. Please make it so the game auto-removes all defenses that a player put into the Tavern once they leave the tavern. I find myself cleaning up the tavern so many times because idiots have nothing better to do than make traps all over the tavern. LordJJ
  11. If I check autoloot I expect it to put it into the bags I marked up. If I am manually picking up items, I still expect it to behave the same and go into the first few bags I have even if they are checked or not on the autoloot.
  12. Hi Trendy, Please limit the amount of DU that a player can use in the tavern, or do something to help others build when 1 player uses all of the tavern resources and does not log out. LordJJ
  13. Hi All, I wanted to know if anyone knows how the loot system works per round / game. I find that sometimes I see drops for my monk / apprentice / squire even though I am on my huntress for the entire combat. For example I just ran a mission and I was mainly on my apprentice to do damage. I switched to my squire to build a tower during a build phase and switched into my huntress on accident after, but then went back to apprentice in the same build phase. That combat I found that bows dropped and apprentice items dropped. Can anyone shed light on this?
  14. I think i found out what's causing it. When I manually pick up the items it puts it into the non-autoloot bags. Otherwise I think it does loot automatically, it just needs to realize that picking up is the same as autolooting and it should go into the same bags.
  15. It would be awesome if the inventory held the position it was at when I switch heroes from one to another. Currently it always resets the inventory back to the top of the scroll slider and I have to re-scroll back down to the item I was looking at to compare stats. LordJJ
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