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  1. Can we please fix the unlimited lightning auras that stick around for 13 minutes after the monk uses his betsy weapon? How the hell does something that obvious even make it live?
  2. It is pretty standard practice for Trendy. Introduce bug or exploitable content. Some people jump further ahead. Then patch it and do nothing about the imbalance it created.
  3. It is a cleave attack. Hits everything in a swiping arc.
  4. This was posted on reddit yesterday. It is very true. Tested it last night. Hopefully they can get it fixed, although I am sure the damage is already done considering it has probably been in there for months.
  5. It's already at the top... i feel it needs to be bumped anyway.
  6. After all that, the progression dynamic is still cheese farming wave 1 ogres. Since loot does not drop from trash post wave 1 as was stated it would. Just did a full gates run through wave 10. No loot outside of bosses. At least boss hp was fixed though. :)
  7. Thirded. I have trouble even seeing the health of the one mob I am attacking sometimes.
  8. I did one liferoot insane onslaught run. Have enough generic defense gear that is under 240 to set up at least a few builders. That is all you need to start doing nightmare again post-patch. You don't need fully optimized gear to start doing entry level end game.
  9. Because why not 260, 270? Why not 880? You have to pick a number. They picked 240. It is not their fault that you decided to farm nm1 gates and didn't understand how the item ilvl drop range works. :)
  10. Not sure why people are crying so hard about the loot reroll. It will literally take minutes after playing again to start getting new gear that is over ilvl 240 anyway. So even if they did scale all your gear down, it would be entirely outdated. The only people crying are the one who probably got carried by those of us who worked up to nm4 on our own anyway. Then we were kind enough to let people sit in our builds and collect gear. Because those of us who worked up to it like everyone is supposed to, know that we will have no trouble doing it again. It really is a non-issue. What it means is that I get to enjoy progression again. I haven't had any of that in weeks since reaching nm4.
  11. No. This means you should stock up on gear between ilvl 230-240 so that you are not totally naked come the -reroll. Beyond that you'll be replacing the gear as soon as you start playing again with new higher level drops.
  12. If I am reading this correctly, Pets are getting nerfed? Beyond that, great job! I don't see that in the patch notes... but the text of it makes me think a level 1 pet would have the same stats as a level 45 pet....
  13. Squire and apprentice towers were already useless before the frost tower changes. Cannons are completely outclassed in every single way by harpoons. Harpoons will never be able to make their way into a build because of the 4 deck slot limit. Dummies are useless. Flame towers damage is so laughable that it isn't worth mentioning. Mage walls knock things behind them... defeating the entire purpose of having a wall. Earthshatter... do we really need to go there? It's like an apprentice version of hydro... and frost beams can't even make hydro traps viable in their current state. The only thing frost beams did was actually make people bother including an apprentice in their build at all. If they had not done that... perhaps my harpoon squire would actually make it into the deck. Oh, and I have 9 level 50 builders... just waiting for the passives to come out. :)
  14. Alright. It has been a few days, so I thought I would post this once again. I am increasingly disappointed by the lack of map variety in all levels of the game. It was a problem that DD1 had, at least to a lesser extent, during the time I played that as well. There is always a singular map that contains the highest gear. That means that anyone interested in playing end game, does not have 4 difficulties and 3 game modes with a dozen maps each. They have one map, one game mode, one choice. In this case, that choice is liferoot. My suggestion is that you scale the final end game difficulty so that is it all leveled. That way I have a choice when I want to play the game, without having it be a complete waste of time. Because that is what I am doing the moment I step into a map that is lower than the max ilvl drop rate. I am wasting time. I would love it if I could try out a new build on the forgotten ruin I wanted. Or maybe I can play some gates of dragonfall, or the dragonfall bazaar that I haven't seen since level 3. Oh, and NEVER introduce single weekend maps that have ilvls 50% higher than everything else, then remove them after some people got full sets from them. That kind of stuff completely ruined DD1 for me. :) Oh, this is compounded by the fact that we all end up leveling in liferoot as well. 95% of my game time is spent in one map.
  15. The franchise has always encouraged utilizing synergy between different building classes. Just because you are too lazy to level the others, doesn't make it everyone else's problem. :) The Devs have already acknowledged that frost towers are currently working better than intended. The idea is to release the rest of the passives, then worry about balance.
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