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  1. You haven't connected your Steam account on the forums and there are probably hundreds of thousands of Steam users with that name. I doubt this person is going to ever find you.
  2. Absolutely this. Just because you can't win with something doesn't mean it's trash. Since the current patch, pretty much all heroes are viable, even on Chaos 5. Also, thread was too long, didn't read. ;^)
  3. The people who have more time to play the game obviously are better geared. Nothing new under the sun. Loot is completely fine, and I haven't gotten an upgrade for weeks. Just keep at it, and when you finally get a piece to drop, it'll feel like Christmas. Given, that it actually has 60 slots, though. Hehe
  4. I would love to have a rotation for the highest Chaos -tier as well. Currently, running the same maps over and over again is getting rather stale. Not to mention the nerfs to the Chaos -tiers made Chaos 5 an AFK fiesta. But if a rotation does come out, I'd like it to only have bigger maps in the pool. If there are small maps in Chaos 5 map pool, it'd make it even easier than what it is now.
  5. As someone who plays mainly Gunwitch, I do not support this idea. If I want to have relics drop, I'll just keep my other 3 builder heroes in my deck. It's simple as that.
  6. Because it wouldn't be as difficult. The smaller maps are piss easy compared to the bigger ones. No-one would ever play the large maps if the loot would be same from both types of maps. Everyone would select the small maps to build and manage towers easier.
  7. People would just run the smaller maps to have easier builds. I kind of like the current map pools, and hope the higher Chaos difficulties have even bigger maps. Playing Chaos 5 on a small map would be horrible.
  8. That just means you don't have enough armor and / or health for Chaos 5. Sacrifice some stats for hero health and you'll find the difficulty much nicer.
  9. The loot system is better and eliminates leeching. Back in the day people would just leech high tier games and not learn a thing. It's much better now that people need to actually learn how to play in order to gain gear. To be honest, the outrage on forums about map difficulty only supports my claim. As for the Terraria and other pre-patch gear, just wait for Trendy to update the item drops. They have much more pressing matters than adding new items right now.
  10. Not going to happen. Just wait for them to fix this bug instead. It's not the end of the world.
  11. Congratulations, you're in the top 1% where you've reached the point of "Easy Mode". Now, you're either going to wait for Chaos 6+, or min-max your hero deck with BiS gear. I doubt you already have all your heroes at max values.
  12. If you only keep Gunwitch in your deck you do NOT receive relics in your matches.
  13. Snaking Sands for example is one of the best ground defense even with rollers. Stop crying and kill the EMP orcs instead.
  14. Before my group figured out the frost shard we did Chaos 5 by just bundling up and killing them. What Ascension are you? How much hero health do you have? The assassins are not a problem if you know how to deal with them properly.
  15. In a week or so you're going to be more troubled by the mob clusters than any siege roller. They are really not hard to deal with. Biggest issue is that most players don't have any health. Pick up one or two items with hero health and ignore the rollers until the end of wave(s). Even the ogres are more scary as they can easily jump and destroy an entire lane of towers.
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