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  1. does anyone know how to fix this?
  2. it does run in windowed, im talking about windowed fullscreen, as stated in the OP.
  3. Usually i play all my games in 1080p, but atm, i can only play 1080p in fullscreen on this game, for some reason if i want to use windowed fullscreen, the resoution cap goes to 1366x768. is this the best possible for windowed fullscreen? or do i have some kinda of bug/error?
  4. LF a few new friends to play with to push masteries and 65+ onslaughts.
  5. It's gonna be low compared to others i know, but i have over 800 hours in this game and ive found 4 deadly strikes shards, so yet again this is gonna be a feature not aimed at me, and infuriatingly enough this patch is not bringing the bad luck protection i had hoped, trendy is clearly saying "is rng not on your side? then here's some more rng!"
  6. but lets call it a week and hope the vote result changes, the current winner looks like too much work
  7. tried and complted this lvl over 10 times tonight still no completion or rewards for this quest, not sure why i tried it on both normal and hard neither worked
  8. Thank you, sir, i shall take a look :)
  9. I remember a while back, when all the tower scaling changed, i watched the dev stream and saw a table/presentation showing how each tower/defence scaled with each stat, is there any link to this table at all? ive looked around a bit but cant find anything, and im not sure which dev stream it was in, there are so many xD
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