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  1. This isn't a question of overpoweres or meta currently. This is a concern that ascension has allowed players to become higher powered than the current content. Any player that I have run into farming c7 does not need to swap node shard it is just more effective with the swap. Currently only 2 shards are needed on WM besides node and thats crit damage and power transfer. The node increase swap is normally for deadly strikes but it is not needed to efficently farm. When new difficulties get released you will start to see builds vary again dependent on the chaos theme of special mobs. C5 case and point where a combo is needed or ramsters only. So my advice is play the game to which way best suits your needs and interests until new content is released.
  2. So I have revisited DD2 like so many in hopes of this patch. I am curious as to why the announcement was made that IPWR is no longer a requirement to advance but hidden IPWR and wasting millions of gold hoping to see a piece of gear improve is getting a little old and fast. I've been told with my gear that I should be in Chaos 4 but can't even touch it. I enjoy this seeing it appears I need to put more time into lower Chaos farms for shards which is the DD grind for gear that made it a great game. However, getting a 660 item IE. with 30 upgrades and it only going to low 800s is very depressing when needing to remember each stat value and where it can upgrade to is quite frustrating when everything is trial and error. For example, gear all at 646 660 650 and upgrading that gear and having to remember base stat for future drops. Have easily seen 10 mil go down the drain trying new items for various chaos. Low and behold my NM4 gear is still out-scaling anything that I can clear with rigorous DPS focus per lane and abilities. Anyone have any answers to help. Ive been looking a some of the usual community spreadsheets but still not enough.
  3. I haven't played since explosive/elemental trap meta with freeze/wall/and boost setup for nm4 incursions. I have noticed there has been a lot of changes to gear and was wondering what is the most effetive meta currently. As the looks of it my 690s are useless.
  4. The biggest factor never taken into consideration when arguing for or against trading is a player's personal CHOICE.... Players can't take their own opinions or egos out of other's preferred style of gameplay. If someone wants free gear to skip content so be it. If someone wants to grind for the reward of drops so be it. At no point does a trading system literally change a players preffered gameplay choice. You use if you want you don't if you dont. If a player is buying gear and clearing x content and you can't just progressing off drops that's theirs and your choice. Situation: A player has ipwr750 one has ipwr 500. At no point does having ipwr 750 effect the ipwr 500 game. No player is forced against their will by trendy to play together. Let people pick and choose how they want their gaming experience to be. Don't tell them they're wrong cause you play differently.
  5. Tried multiple rounds of onsalught and only gained 1 level. looks like its down to like freeplay easy maybe?
  6. I was just curious if anyone has found the fastest way to level pet affection levels. Seems I'm always stuck at max power up and a boat load of extra food for pets but cant get the Affection levels to budge. Currently farming Nightmare 4 and would rather not have to go down in difficulty to level all 4 hero pets. Any advice or input on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. So I've been playing lots of solo nm 4endgame and have been running into the same problem I've seen many players complain about or comment on. I've established that ever since the ilvl req was removed the leechers have come out to play. The only question is how to fix this while keeping the community from hating everyone. Ideas. 1) add player gear inspection back from previous dd games. 2) add an ilvl req for nm4 end game modes and leave off for others. 3) add a minimum of two lvl 50 lvl heroes with nm3 + gear req for versatility. 4) please comment and add suggestions
  8. Mainly through monthly and daily quests zinky. you can find them by pressing I like inventory in lower left part of interface above XP bar
  9. Getting worn gear today. O well reset go again
  10. Just started a couple waves of Liferoot Endgame Nightmare 4. First 3 waves only dropped item lvl 0 loot with a max of 5 stats on them. Has this happened to anyone else as a known bug or is the first time defenders are hearing of this.
  11. Question 1: From my understanding from the last Dev stream that Uber Spheres were being looked into. For the huntress class is there any plans put into motion to make the free shielding and explosive Uber compatible with the huntress traps or monk auras. The only Uber that is currently compatible for both characters are only purchasable with Wyvern tokens. Thanks
  12. So I recently got back into DD2 with a couple of friends after Loot & Survive. We quickly ran into the daily mission bug as a good portion of the defender population has. This is not the worst thing in the world as there is more time to level other characters however the falling behind others kinda hurts. How to fix that without stressing out the Devs. What about adding a 48 Wyvern Token Cap to say the Onslaught currency reward. 1) At the moment the currency reward is lower than grabbing a pet egg and selling it off for 500 coins. 2) At the end of campaign you receive if i remember correctly 12 Wyvern Tokens. 3) Make the currency option 1 or 2 Wyvern tokens until daily missions get fixed. 4) Higher difficulty Onslaught does not get effected seeing its IPWR gear just out weighs that of 1 or 2 tokens. 5) Capping the Wyvern tokens at 48 keeps people who can't mission at least in the game and uses an already existing game mode. 6) This also allows for players to possibly get their Betsy eggs a lot faster than intended if the Uber Spheres are not chosen. 7) Insert more theory crafting! Any feedback on this idea would be great. Still getting back into the swing of things.
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