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  1. This is a known (but not well advertised) thing that will happen when switching from windows version to the unupdated linux/mac version. I've heard that when this happens it may be possible to reset your account, try pm'ing acen or someone at the cdt, I don't know how it is done. I think you need to request trendy to do it. Also, don't log in again, I think that will overwrite some backups trendy keeps or something. Not sure if you can get it fixed at this point. I think we should have some warning in the launch window, because it can cause major problems. Also, I'd be happy to give you some starting items if you decide to get back into DD :D
  2. Ogre Copters shoot out flares, which distract the towers. This means your towers will target those flares instead of the Copter. This is probably what was happening to your harpoons and fireballs. I think minions will not be distracted by flares. You could also build auras in those places to kill the copters. Lightning towers work sort of, they will still target the flares, but in the delay between flares they can do some good damage to the copter itself.
  3. I've heard that without MM should give better drops. What little testing I have done myself also seems to suggest this. Additionally, MM is a lot slower.
  4. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1582058294 Yeah, I'm not gonna beat that time. Gimme those consolation prizes :D
  5. That sadness you feel hurts, but you can only do what you can do. If she does not appreciate it that's not your fault. Maybe she can not see it now but in a few years she will look back on this time and realise all the things you put up with, everything you did for her, for both of you. She was very lucky to have someone look out for her, not all of us have that. There are always people who do care about you, and right now you might need to reach out to them. Even though I've never talked to you before, I wish you all the best. I hope you can find happiness again. I, for one, will be thinking of you, wishing you the best, wherever life takes you next.
  6. 1st place: louisfauster who chose The RainMaker 2nd place: Arkorias who chose Aladdin's Wish 3rd place: Dan. who chose Glacier's Demise 4th place: Stonethor2 who chose The Cavalry 5th place: Hakon who chose Rockshatter 6th place: Mix159 who chose Mask of the Pumpkin King 7th place: Thaleskpl who chose Amor 8th place: Marceline ♥ who chose Blu 9th place: Trilabite who chose Death Wish 10th place: ubermench who chose Azure Peak 11th place: JonnyGreaseGun who chose Black Satin Peak 12th place: ✪ pkM who chose Maelstrom 13th place: Bored. who chose Ocean 14th place: Sam116 who chose Salem 15th place: Purin who chose YGK's Extended Meat Carver 16th place: Sir john who requested Cursed Brownie 17th place: flapsi1 who chose Mr. Skelly 18th place: papo6181 who chose Iratxo 19th place: Hans Joachim (NOR) who chose Vortex Shield 20th place: Marceline ♥ who chose Marid 21st place: Thaleskpl who chose Queen Georgia 22nd place: Mix159 who chose Vortex Hammer 23rd place: Hakon who chose The Devil's Poolskimmer 24th place: Stonethor2 who chose Eternity 25th place: Dan. who chose Ploutonion Please contact me ASAP! I will update this list once the event is received.
  7. @Purin quote: You're just in time! I'm closing the giveaway now. I'll post the order you can choose your rewards later tonight (I'm gonna make dinner first). I've updated the final list of entries at the start of the thread.
  8. For the screenshot where I use my adept, you can't use a flying character. Some skins have wings, or you can use annatar accessories. Let me know if you need more explanation
  9. Just a few more days! Good to see there were some more entries :) Updated the current list of entries
  10. I've updated my post to show everyone who has entered so far There's still a whole week left :)
  11. I like the ctrl+m option, I don't like the option of mana shared between your characters
  12. On number 3 and 14 you are using a flying hero, can you find a way to get there using a hero who can't fly?
  13. As louisfauster already pointed out, I need to see you're not using a portal gun. If you want to use a jester, just enable the hud so I can see your weapons. Nice place you found! I was looking for something like that on that map but I couldn't find a way to get there :) Very tricky to find.
  14. Using a jester is fine, as long as you have wings! You can get the white shiny wings by wearing 3 annatar accessories, which you can get by completing the map Palantir
  15. Nice idea! I'm in https://steamcommunity.com/id/ThePoet424
  16. [edited 1/11] The Final Scores are: 35 - Marceline ♥ 35 - Stonethor2 35 - louisfauster 35 - Dan. 35 - Mix159 35 - Trilabite 35 - ubermench 35 - Thaleskpl 35 - Hakon 35 - Arkorias 24 - JonnyGreaseGun 17 - ✪ pkM 15 - Bored. 14 - Sam116 4 - Purin 3 - Sir john 2 - flapsi1 1 - Hans Joachim (NOR) 1 - papo6181 19 valid entries, so 6 of you can receive 2 items! I will draw the order later tonight. I have decided not to give out any extra challenges, any ties will be decided by RNG. Everyone will get one choice first, then the rest of the choices will be given out proportional to your score. If you're not on the list or you think I got the wrong number, contact me. I might not have been able to find your screenshots.
  17. Hi all, I've decided to give away (almost) all of my event items!! up for grabs are: Blu Mr. Skelly Queen Georgia Cursed Brownie Iratxo Maelstrom The RainMaker YGK's Extended Meat Carver Glacier's Demise Vortex Hammer Vortex Shield Aladdin's Wish (lost trace) Rockshatter (lost trace) The Devil's Poolskimmer Ocean Mask of the Pumpkin King Eternity Black Satin Peak Azure Peak Ploutonion Amor Salem Marid The Cavalry Death Wish Unless noted, I can provide a trace for all of them What do you have to do to win one of these? Get some wings and take a screenshot in as many of these places as you can find! https://imgur.com/a/aIV2uul Whoever finds the most places by the end of October gets to choose first, then whoever has next most and so on. Try not to clutter the whole thread with hundreds of screenshots, put them in a folder or just leave them in your steam. More rules: 1. You must have wings! (just like in my screenshots) 2. No using the portal guns (your weapon(s) must be equipped and visible) 3. Barbarians not allowed. 4. If my character can fly, you can use a flying character too. If mine can't fly, you are not allowed to fly either. 5. Any pets allowed 6. In case of ties, I decide who goes first, probably by setting some further challenge or rolling some dice 7. The screenshot does not have to be exactly from the same place, but must be recognisably close 8. Enjoy!
  18. I for one agree that all three bugs mentioned should be fixed. If the community decides that shouldn't happen I'm not gonna cry about it, I'm just voicing my opinion. I think it is important to show that there is support on both sides of this argument.
  19. If you really don't like the knockback there are a few other tips: Huntress and Ranger can go invisible, which means the krakens won't attack you. If you time it right, you can kill them without ever getting hit. Barbarian has turtle stance, which pretty much negates the knockback. You can also play in teams, it is less likely 4 players will all get knocked off at the same time. Just keep trying new strategies :)
  20. This. I would prefer the CDT would fix bugs including this one. If they won't do that because of community push back, make it a proper feature.
  21. For what it's worth I was against CDT doing any game balance at all and just do new content, bug fixes and QOL. But since they are, I think that LT are OP even when not using them for killing bosses, which I was not aware of was even a thing. The problem is - as has been mentioned multiple times in this thread - that they are filling multiple roles, clearing mobs + doing dps to ogres, djinns, etc (and also bosses apparently). They are better at BOTH things than most other towers that do only one thing. So, CDT, decide what LTs role should be and fix it so it does only that. It's fine if it is the best in the game at one thing, something has to be. Personally I'd say keep its map clearing ability to help speed up maps for those of us who can afford to use them with our high stats on slightly easier maps like tinkers, aka, ww, etc. I'd be in favor of any nerf to the dps these towers do to ogres etc, while keeping it viable for clearing maps of trash, and I'd suggest just a straight damage nerf. Some numbers: my harps: 1.74M dps vs 2 ogres: 3.5M dps my LT: 0.36M dps vs 2 ogres: 0.72M vs 5 ogres: 1.8M vs 10 ogres: 3.6M For larger numbers LTs are just as good numerically as harps (arguably, this depends on the setup and how many ogres the harps can hit), with the added advantage of perfect aim and way longer and wall piercing aim; with the disadvantage of higher du and less health. This makes them just plain better in most situations.
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