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  1. Having us vote for 10 was just so we could give them a nice priority list across all their voters, and also to prevent people from simply voting for all of them. Once the data is in, they'll be able to see what polled the highest among them all, then see what could possibly be reintroduced.
  2. There's a problem with the system though... I found a Chaos 1 Totem early on with a perfect defense health roll. After upgrading it through to Chaos 4 so far, it is no longer a perfect roll...  Perhaps the stat shown is rounded (why on earth would they have decimal values on stats though???) and that means that as you upgrade it gets further and further away from a perfect stat. Granted, it's not by much, but it's annoying that the only way I'm going to get a perfect roll on any given tier is if it drops from that particular difficulty.
  3. I enjoyed how unique each pet felt in DD1. I feel like pets now are cookies cutter, nothing unique to them other than appearance. No special attack methods unique to certain pets, pets can mostly have any ability depending on the element, and which pet you get out of an egg is almost entirely RNG. In DD1, if you wanted a seahorse, you completed the Aquanos survival mode until wave 20. You could go in, knowing what you want, and work towards that specific goal. In DD2, it's all RNG, and there's nothing making any one pet unique versus another besides appearance anyway. In Dungeon Defenders Eternity, they introduced pet abilities which I felt was actually a huge plus to pets overall as well as gameplay in general (I'd level up all sorts of different pets just to see how powerful their abilities could be), and I was happy to learn that abilities were reintroduced in DD2. Unfortunately, the abilities themselves in DD2 are buggy feeling, lackluster, on too long of a CD overall, and the fact that most any pet can have just about any ability takes away anything unique they might have had. Some of my characters don't even have pets equipped right now because honestly, 350DP isn't worth anything at this point, and I'm still in Chaos 4. Plus, it's a huge pain in the ass to level pet affinity without buying boosters, so I mostly just don't bother. I've got two pets maxed out, and I put one on my primary builder and the other on my dps (dracolich, the one truly useful pet in this game) and everyone else just gets whatever. That is, assuming I remember to equip one at all. It's just a boring system as it is right now.
  4. So I've recently started playing the game again after quitting somewhere around the time that MaM lost the influence vote to the Mystic (despite winning both of his rounds... still salty about that.) Also salty that Barb was released first despite being crushed in basically every vote, although he does look really cool. Anyway, with the Protean Shift expansion, it seems now is a great time to actually get this character out. I mean, everything's got the high-tech motif already, so he won't even seem out of place anymore. Anyone heard anything about this? I've tried searching but can't find anything recent mentioning him. I also didn't see anything mentioned in Elandrian's Protean Check-In post when he was talking about short/long term goals. Does anyone else want to see this character released soon? If you'll recall, he was a character that would build turrets that he could also pilot himself for the hero dmg side of things. I still think that sounds like a cool concept, and I'd really like to see this character in action.
  5. Armor you dont need is just as useless as shards you dont need. No. "Useless" armor still had/has a use: gold. Shards on the other hand are only worth 10g (even at max rank), and ones you don't want do nothing but take up space in your inventory. If un-upgraded shards stacked, it'd be less of a problem, but would only be a band-aid fix. The real source of the issue is that useless shards are truly useless. In any case, you didn't use the old upgrade system to get rid of useless armor, so using that as a point of comparison is flawed from the start.
  6. We just removed that feature from armor, and now you want to add it to shards. I dont mean to be rude, but I think that is a terrible idea :) What? No we didn't. The only similarity is the sacrificing of items, but the outcome is very different. One just made one item stronger, this would make useless items into a potentially useful one.
  7. @Hom-Sha-Bom quote: There were no head-to-head votes, though. There absolutely were head to head votes. You can't call 3 separate rounds of hero vs hero as anything but head to head. Fact is, M&M won the head to head vote against Mystic, albeit barely. @Hom-Sha-Bom quote: We voted for Mystic the way we did because we knew what the rules were. No way it is as clear cut as that. Way too idealistic. I work in IT support, so I speak from experience when I say that it does not matter how obvious you make something. A surprising amount of people still aren't going to get the memo. For example, I myself didn't know this until the first round was already over. Not everyone reads the forums all the time. In fact, I'd wager most don't. Even among those of us that do, it's not difficult to miss a post detailing the rules, or not fully read the instructions. Sure, you can argue that is the user's own fault, and it is. But at the same time, there is an argument to be made that the service provider has a responsibility to avoid obvious potential for confusion. Yes, I realize I am referring to myself here as well. Finally, and this is perhaps the most important point, the fact that influence votes are a finite resource skews the fairness of typical round-robin voting. Because of this, the earlier rounds have an advantage in the total number of possible votes that are in play. In other words, I disagree that M&M being in the third round was his advantage. If you say the time between the first round and the third is M&M's advantage, then the time between the last influence vote entirely and the start of this one was the Mystic's since they had the first two rounds with the largest voting pools to pull from. If they got rid of the current influence vote accumulation and everyone had 1 vote per topic, I'd agree that a round robin would be pretty fair, though still a silly way of doing things with only 3 competitors in the first place. But it wasn't like that, and still isn't. Because of that, it was never fair from the start. I say that a combination of users not knowing the rules, and the fact that Mystic had both their rounds consecutively in rounds 1 and 2, both played a part in her victory. I'd bet money that M&M would have won if he'd been in round 2 instead of the Mystic. In any case, I've personally received confirmation that Trendy knows that the vote they held that time wasn't a good idea, and they won't be repeating it. Here's a past post where iamisom replied to this concern of mine, referring to the round-robin vote as nonsense: "Oh, for sure. If we do another hero vote, it'll be 1v1, no round-robin nonsense. The winner of the vote will be the winner of the vote."
  8. Screw Barbarian. I want my Man & Machine. Still pissed that we got this stupid Mystic on account of the retarded rules they went by with that vote.
  9. They're being moved, not removed. Every passive that currently drops on gear will instead be a shard that you can decide on which gear you want to place it. This shifts the RNG for loot from trying to roll multiple perfect stats, to just RNG giving you the specific combination of shards you want. Then you just grind them up to their max level. Gearing is going to be much smoother in this next update.
  10. No, why would you? You're either going to be getting free slots, or have the exact same number. Why would you get a refund for losing nothing?
  11. I love myself a good riddle. I will ask to clarify for people who spent gems for bags. Will we just increase my 11 bags of 32(352 inventory space) and transfer it into 11 bags of 64(704)? or If i had 11 bags of 16, do they also get 64 bags with 704 slots? What people are asking is if I spent twice as much gems, are we getting shafted? Why not just make it 64 slots for every 16. Your 11 32 slot bags will be converted to 6 64 slot bags, giving you effectively 32 more spaces to work with. This is because 384 is the next multiple of 64 above your current total of 352, which is not a multiple of 64. If you had 11 16 slot bags instead, you would see them converted to 3 64 slot bags, because 192 slots is the next multiple of 64 above the current total of 176, gaining 16 free slots. If you have 10 32 bag slots, you won't see any change in total slot numbers because you're already at a total slot number that is already a multiple of 64. Your bags will be changed to 5 64 slot bags. In that last situation though, you could buy a cheapo 16 slot bag prior to the change to get upgraded to the next multiple of 64 for cheap, gaining 64 slots after the change for the cost of 16.
  12. You sure? Pretty sure I've seen them do this. I think they just prioritize spreading, and won't focus anything unless it's the only thing around. EDIT: I could be wrong though, I may just be thinking of the times where I had 5 hornets on targets because of the sphere + corrupt form.
  13. So double clicking on them "uses" them, and they disappear? Lol.
  14. Didn't notice that, but now that you mention it... I just went and tested it. 3 hornet nests, ranks 1, 3, 5 respectively, all dealt the same bonus dmg on crit so it's definitely not just a display bug. I can't reliably test the other towers though, given that my crit chance is low enough that it would be an enormous pain in the butt to do. I could only easily test the hornets thanks to the crit chance sphere. That kind of sucks. Her towers seem to scale pretty well with crit damage, actually, especially with the passives on items that boost it. With the sphere granting free bonus 10% crit chance on hornets, they seem perfect for a high crit chance/dmg build. Harpy towers still scale with rank though. For now, I submitted a bug report in case you hadn't yet.
  15. I'm having the opposite problem, I don't think I'll be using any other wall anytime soon. I mean, my Dryad waller is only 702 iPWR thanks to upgrading 660-700ish items, only has 6% World Tree health on the totem, and her wall has just over 600k hp at max rank, 302k base. Sure, it has less hp than my 680 iPWR waller mystic's 722k hp without even having a pet equipped. But still, 600k+ is completely fine for a wall. What's more, as previously mentioned it gives an aoe heal and hero dps buff. Most importantly of all though, it only takes 130 green mana to max. Not sure if it's supposed to be that way, but even if they fix it, it'll be 180 green mana instead. So, while the Dryad wall might have slightly less hp for the same cost, it more than makes up for it in buffs, heals, and the fact that it takes ~400 less green mana per blockade to max. It is, hands down, the most DU/green mana efficient wall in the game atm, even ignoring the buffs it gives. It might be the first OP wall in this game.
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