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  1. Eternian Greatsword https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197982396704/
  2. Started the game with 3 friends on Lan. We had plans to play wc3 funmaps, CS:S and borderlands. Guess we what we got stuck with DD1 and grinded it for 1 week straight on open and looting all cause we thought all will be lost if not. Good times !!! https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197982396704/
  3. Im in the dire need of 2 awesome EGS. Preferably ult+ or ++. I want tow cause barb. Mine are roughly 110k dmg but not best stats. I got Cubes/Coals/Diamonds 2 offer. I cant stand farming CD solo. Takes 2 long for my taste =( Help me please =(
  4. Tavernkeeper just solt me an ult++ armor piece. WELP.
  5. Honestly dread dungeon survival nm. Very easy , alot trans allrdy early. Moonbase on easy also gives myth as mapreward. On hard u get the fishs which have 600 stats and with these u can go farm misty survival which can give ult and is VERY easy. Progression has never been that easy as in the games current standing. Misty is piss easy -> 800 stats and ure gucci. Hardest part is beating boss first time, get some pubs in ure game and ure gucci , or do it on ure own. =)
  6. I still dont understand why were not getting map rewards on survival for shards map when completing survival. FOr me this is the most obvious change i want cause i feel theres no reason why not. The Giraffe is a joke , come on. Swap it out or remove it or idk, its nerver good since u can get fish in bowls from hard/insane with better stats. So why keeping the giraffe. It has 0 purpose except for the achievment ? And i feel polys last boss , the monk , is just a pain cause u only see fire on ure whole screen. Its no fun or clever boss-mechanic its just tedious. Why is stuff like this in the ga
  7. Dumb question : if i go rightclick on my dd in steam and set it back from beta to "none" is all gucci or will smth b lost ?
  8. 380^ E-sword 4cv 315^ Ult++ Hands 10cv
  9. So i did swap on it now. Means that my progress gets saved when patch hits the deck unless i wont change back to old version ?
  10. Meaning that the update will come after the Holidays? Thats sad actually. But w/e ,ill Keep defending akatiki, moonbase and rerolling my second account. fml
  11. Angry dog sounds is actually a true dawg. Some even say tin dawg. Merry christmas !
  12. The christmas holidays 6 years ago were a blast - we discovered DD (me and my friends). We played straight 2 weeks on lan just DD. Merry christmas defending friends !
  13. Awesome dude ! I dont need anything , hf with giveaway!
  14. I honestly dont get the personal attacks here. For me it felt very objective critic wise yet the answers feel insulting. If mambo and xentro are wrong its fine but they bring arguments which are real, they exist. As i said somewhere else i also feel theres a hard "core" driving the updates who will do what they feel whats best. Which for me is ok but then dont call it community team and just get the balls and tell : I/We want it 2 b like this. As i said several times ppl put time in2 the patches etc which is AWESOME but i also remember big talks with pewpewpew last patch with golden buff and
  15. Mambo has a point. Sure theres no new blood coming in2 the community so the ppl doing the updates fokus on their issues with the game and introduce maps like ToP. Back in the days when we got the eternia shards final update with old one I didnt farm it and so i dont play it. Doing it public makes no sense , its 2 hard. I can do it solo but since u only get 1 reward its kinda sad so I would enjoiy playing it pub but then again some ppl join and have no clue , no stats or lagg. I srsly enjoy playin public so i dont feel that lonely and a bit connected 2 the game, even my shard survival runs i d
  16. You must also understand that most oldsql ppl here on forums dont want their awesome event items being obsolete. (NPC,Rainmaker;Glacier,GMOW,Aladin,Vortex) They invested in them so they want them 2 stay on top which is perfectly fine for me. Afterwards u can always tell u dont want the awesome loot being handed for free if u allrdy got it. Im fine with it cause i enjoy farming. What i dont like about is that ppl will tell u *** like : Uh u can farm it on ure own there are some ult++ that MIGHT b better while they are holding all these events on their hands knowing how rare certain stuff is.
  17. So i had the same problem my friend. I asked Lightning about it and he told me turn MIXMODE off. With mixmode u get a wavetime of 700 seconds which results in ure run being that slows as mine used to. He also told me that drops get better with mm off for this special map. Turn it off and prepare for last wave cause ALOT of genies gona storm in. Thank Lightnig he provided me with all the info.
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