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  1. Tavernkeeper just solt me an ult++ armor piece. WELP.
  2. Honestly dread dungeon survival nm. Very easy , alot trans allrdy early. Moonbase on easy also gives myth as mapreward. On hard u get the fishs which have 600 stats and with these u can go farm misty survival which can give ult and is VERY easy. Progression has never been that easy as in the games current standing. Misty is piss easy -> 800 stats and ure gucci. Hardest part is beating boss first time, get some pubs in ure game and ure gucci , or do it on ure own. =)
  3. I still dont understand why were not getting map rewards on survival for shards map when completing survival. FOr me this is the most obvious change i want cause i feel theres no reason why not. The Giraffe is a joke , come on. Swap it out or remove it or idk, its nerver good since u can get fish in bowls from hard/insane with better stats. So why keeping the giraffe. It has 0 purpose except for the achievment ? And i feel polys last boss , the monk , is just a pain cause u only see fire on ure whole screen. Its no fun or clever boss-mechanic its just tedious. Why is stuff like this in the game. I always come back to DD cause i feel like "ye mate u got the 0.1111% chance something awesome will drop" and then nothing drops :D I guess im gamble-addicted. And what does towerstacking disabling change ? idk mate ... as if this was THAT GAMEBREAKING bug... come on. Maybe we get an event pet that boosts 10 towers next time , cause 6 mate is OP.
  4. Dumb question : if i go rightclick on my dd in steam and set it back from beta to "none" is all gucci or will smth b lost ?
  5. 380^ E-sword 4cv 315^ Ult++ Hands 10cv
  6. So i did swap on it now. Means that my progress gets saved when patch hits the deck unless i wont change back to old version ?
  7. Meaning that the update will come after the Holidays? Thats sad actually. But w/e ,ill Keep defending akatiki, moonbase and rerolling my second account. fml
  8. Angry dog sounds is actually a true dawg. Some even say tin dawg. Merry christmas !
  9. The christmas holidays 6 years ago were a blast - we discovered DD (me and my friends). We played straight 2 weeks on lan just DD. Merry christmas defending friends !
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