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  1. Thanks Masterplays, turns out I'm just a little challenged. There's a "Lost Quests" tab at the bottom of the campaign selection screen which I didn't notice. They're all in there. :/ 
  2. Hi all, Just downloaded the Tavern Expansion update, jumped in game...but can't see any of the new maps (Dread Dungeon / Temple of Water etc). Is this a known issue or is there something you need to do in game to make it available? Cheers.
  3. Ah, yes it was an existing one, I'll update the keys. Thanks for the help :)
  4. Hi all, I just ran up the latest update today with a new level 1 Jester builder, to check out the new changes. But...my Jester needs to be level 7 before being able to build any towers. Is this expected? From reading the release notes there were changes to make solo Jester more viable, are you meant to use another character to help level to 7 (or be a "DPS" and then swap) before playing a builder Jester or something? Feel like I'm missing something here... (Probably not the right place, but the latest update zapped all my video/gfx settings...is that a known issue?)
  5. Narue and Ayyyy: thanks, that all makes sense. I guess because I've been soloing to start with it feels a bit strange redundant, sounds like it's all geared up for multiplayer. Cheers! :)
  6. Hi all, In DD1/E you could press G anywhere in the tavern to start a level. This doesn't seem to be available in DD2, just wondering if I've missed something? Also, can anyone explain to me what the difference is between the "normal" Tavern and the "wartable" Tavern. You can't create characters in the wartable one for some reason, and I couldn't work out what the point of the distinction was.
  7. DD2 is better in that regard. I've only played for a day and noticed a bit of lag correction to player position, but it's not nearly as bad as DDE was (is?). DDE was obviously DD1 with a few changes. DD2 feels very different in comparison.
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