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  1. You're banned for failing to quote the person above you
  2. The game still minimizes even when it's just 1 monitor, unless you're only at the first screen before you hit "Play"
  3. So every time I press the + sign it doesn't add it to the points! I want to have +13000 tower health! D:
  4. You're banned for being on page 22 after page 22 after page 22.
  5. Lucky you! the game won't even let me make a new character. I've just been running through leveling my wife up on her monk and gotten to lvl 24 so far... xD It's incredibly slow to level, about 1/3 of a level per game.
  6. I'm unable to hatch this egg at all. Any ideas? Every time I click hatch it just wabbles.
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