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  1. They should make it like so that c1 shards only drops c1
  2. 1) Like for real i like the shards system but its just not working, if you find the correct shard you can progress easier. I'm ascension 77 still need to find a shielding for example. There needs to be a better system for this because now it's just crap. Also make it like so that C1 shards only drop c1 ,And please make them stack... we can't get anymore bags so there filled in a day 2) The old infinity loading screen (i tried reinstalling, verifying etcetc) 3) The old keybinding resets at update (why u hate us azerty users) 4) Some mobs just ignoring walls like they not even placed 5)Connection to host lost when trying to join town ( again tried everything to solve it and again i'm not the only one) 6)There is most likely allot more
  3. Just look at this, http://steamcharts.com/app/236110[[6318,hashtags]] And then there are still people on who only do daily's and monthly mission and then just leave again. So actually playing and progressing right now? don't think it's allot
  4. You can't have everything in life.
  5. Can't beat my 0% one ! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=506774181
  6. I also observed this. When the Squire weekend was happening it was raining sploody swords. I've yet to see a Mage Staff with frostfire. Trendy please review and confirm everything is on the up and up. I just found my 1st splody previous week, i wassnt lucky to find one during the event so don't really think it's a bug orso ^^
  7. Just a couple hits with the hamer should do, would be nice to know if they actually are working on it or they havnt noticed yet that no one is able to play >.<
  8. Wanne trade? i have 2 bugged daily's (aura kills) and 1 that i can't even finish :p also i did not recieve a reroll in 2weeks :p
  9. Anyone has a idea how to unlock nightmare mode?
  10. You even take the time to still log in ? dang stopped doing that WEEKS ago.
  11. 1. how much longer untill some more progression? people are tired of waiting because there is not much to do. 2. When will next patch release? Aka onslaught. 3.Will there be a summoner like hero ? D:
  12. Yes add a leader kick option ... i just entered the same room 13 times with the leader being afk ... this is NOT the solution.
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