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  1. It's true anything you can buy with DM's will be worth less but values don't have to just be in gold, other hard to get items or rares can be traded in place of gold and will likely be preferable in a lot of cases (think diamonds, cubes, coal and ult++ gear in DD1). The main value of these items is the exclusivity and aesthetics anyway
  2. I only just noticed this, that's a pretty terrible addition to an otherwise fantastic feature :/
  3. Now that player shops and trading exist within the game would it be possible for us to get a trading or buying/selling forum section(s)? I believe it would be immensely helpful and bring new life to the forums.
  4. Thank you for the interest so far, mainly through private messages surprisingly, I'll check this thread again tomorrow night for any other questions or offers.
  5. Now that we have trading I'm trying to get a feel for how much certain items are worth so I'm taking offers on the following items. Note: this does not mean I am necessarily looking to sell the listed items, I'm mainly looking to see how the community values them right now Corrupted Welp/Grumpy - 50M current top offer Thunder-O - 10M current top offer Possessed Sword - 1M current top offer Bearkira - 15M current top offer Narwhagon - 10M current top offer Dragolich - 99M current top offer Caustic Dragolich - 50M current top offer Scourge Dragon - 10M current top offer Otherworldly Spectre/Alie
  6. Definitely support buffing all the tower specific shards, at this point they're all a bit useless
  7. Nobody posted in a way that was complaining or asking trendy for help directly, I don't see how this post is necessary since it doesn't contribute to putting forward information about the issue
  8. Having the same issue, when it does work it goes back to title with the same message when i try to start a map EDIT: I fixed it by changing my region from EU to NA
  9. Maybe cut off some of the lower end of the possible stat roll on legendaries so it can't roll lower than mythical to make it easier for us to find gear above what we're using? That's one option at least if it does need adjusting, haven't tested it much myself yet.
  10. Compared to how hard it was to farm "perfect" gear on DD1 we should consider ourselves lucky, 1/192 for a perfect legendary is fine. Mythicals do the job fine and there are plenty of towers that use marks/totems to look for as well. I really question why people keep trying to make the game easier, would you really enjoy it if everything was handed to you and made easymode instantly?
  11. The game is easy enough, if you're struggling to beat a map or difficulty you need to adjust your approach instead of trying to tailor the game to suit your skill-level. many of us think assassins are far too easy and should be reverted to how they were initially as with the right strategy they were easily manageable. I'm pretty sick of some people treating every new challenge as a problem since it makes them re-think how they play a difficulty. tl;dr no support, game is easy already, get good heres a tip: build a double blockade with stun and stand against it, the assassins will often get
  12. Its just impossible to buy C6 packs currently
  13. Support, the meta and ideal ascension distribution changes vastly every patch. You shouldn't be punished with a fee for keeping up with the games ever-changing strategy's
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