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  1. So like a month ago I downloaded dd2. And it stuttered all the time. Did a reinstall of Windows just because I had no idea what could be the problem, and after that it ran great .. But now it's happening again. Small stutters, the music in the game sounds like a scratched CD. I looked up to see if others had same problems, and seems like many have same problem . Is there a fix or something? i3 8100 GTX 1060 6 GB 8 GB RAM
  2. As a returning player after 3 years. Hell yes! The game is amazing compared to back then!! :D
  3. I think it should at least be possible for private matches, but can understand why it's there for multiplayer.
  4. .. And must say i'm amazed with the progress of this game. I absolutely HATED this game 3 years ago. Probably one of the most dissapointing games for me, of all time, since I LOVED the first game. Even Eternity was a lot of fun, even though it was a buggy mess. My biggest problems was how the game encouraged multiplay by punishing us that wanted to play single player. Examples: - As a "single player" player we could only use 4 heroes/builds, while multiplayers could potentially use 16 builds because of the hero deck limitations. (Loved to max out builders in DD1 for their own purpose. Buff hero, Wall Hero etc.) .. FIXED NOW! - Single players only had 1/4 of mana compared to multiplayers .. Again, punishing "single player" players .. FIXED NOW! Lack of interresting and fun endgame. No drive to keep on grinding .. FIXED NOW! I just reached Chaos 7 a couple days ago and began on onslaught now, and i'm having so much fun with the game now. Just wanted to say good job to the devs :) I've been back a few times in these 3 years, but never really stayed for more than a few hours, but this time I got really hooked, It's a whole new game compared to 3 years ago!
  5. I don't think you can, think it's bound to your steam account :(
  6. Do they drop just randomly on every map, or do I have to do a specific map for each passive, like with the weapons ? I'm not seeing many of the passives I need :S
  7. I never got my code as well, signed up a couple days ago
  8. So I recently began playing dd2 again. I'm creating a PDT huntress now, but i'm confused on what passives to get on my gear. I already got the bow I need, but don't know about armor. Is there a certain passive I need for that build on my armor? If so is there a list somewhere with where to farm for those passives? Or should I only focuse on getting high ipwr/defense power armor? Also .. Is there no such thing as set armor in dd2? thanks in advance
  9. Yup, Legendaries almost drops more than trans did in dd1 (except later maps in survival nm/mm). This is what makes the loot boring to me in dd2 compared to dd1 1. Progression in general was more satisfying since no limited hero deck, I think I had 15+ heroes, at least 10 at level 100. I could always find a reason to lvl one more character to fill a certain role, that contributed to my overall build. In most rpg's I don't really care that much for alts, but just stick to my favorite 1 or 2 heroes. But in dd1it actually felt rewarding to lvl up alts. I can't think of any other game where leveling up many characters made more sense than it did in dd. So you can imagine my dissapointment when I first launched dd2 . 2. Supreme/Legendary was much more rare, not lots of people had a legit full supreme/legendary set, so you always had that gear drop to hunt for, not saying there wasn't problems with the loot drops in dd1, but it was still way more enjoyable. In dd2 it's just get to the highest ipwr map, grind grind grind, not long after you have heroes in full legendary/myth, and the search goes on for minimal stat upgrades and the right passives. The lack of sets also makes it less interresting. 3. The trading taverns made selling loot very fun, to setup everything for a sale, and talk with random people in your tavern, such a nice change from boring auction houses.
  10. We are not playing the same game. Since last patch (and despite the event legendary drop weekend!!!) legendaries are way too scarce. I have maximum 2 myythical per map on a 9 wave insane map. It's just ridiculous considering that not even 10% of loots may have the stats you are looking for. There's a weekend event going on where Legendary items are dropping at twice the normal rate in Free Play but not End Game, which is why you're seeing that, jokke1989dk. I realize that I'm curious, how are you planning to handle the endgame? Are you just going to go with a gear treadmill and increase ipwr with a new map from time to time? How are you going to keep people playing? Because with the current legendary droprates, when game is released, it won't take that long for people to reach max gear, combined with very little motivation to max out more than 4 heroes with the limited hero deck.
  11. We are not playing the same game. Since last patch (and despite the event legendary drop weekend!!!) legendaries are way too scarce. I have maximum 2 myythical per map on a 9 wave insane map. It's just ridiculous considering that not even 10% of loots may have the stats you are looking for. I haven't played any endgame content since last patch, have only been leveling characters. Have ignored loot, refuse to play vacuum simulator :P Not going to farm for loot/gold untill we get tib back or another decent alternative. But i've seen PLENTY of legendaries drop though. But ofc to implement what I suggested before the tiers should be scaled to fit that balance. This isn't d3 with seasons, the spam of legendaries makes sense with that games design, but even there you have a legendary+ tier. With the current legendary droprates in dd2, I think that future endgame will get boring fast. It's very possible Trendy already have something planned though, it's early access afterall. But the game need more rare loot to hunt. You think it's ridiculous now that only 10% of mythicals you get is an upgrade, but that is actually not that long with the pace of mythical that drops. And like I said before, a reroll consumable would be perfect ( as long as they are rare ofc, so only worth to use on legendary)
  12. Current loot drops is what makes the game boring quick right now imo. Legendaries drops like it was dirt. What makes you pump countless of hours into RPG's is usually that rare tier of loot. Legendaries needs to feel ... Legendary .. The current 1-5 legendary drops per incusions run needs to be more like 1 legendary drop after every 30+ endgame incursion run. A full legendary set is something only a player with hundreds of hours of gameplay should have, while mythical should be achievable to gear up in at a rewarding pace when you first reach nightmare. Green and blues is what you should be geared up in first, and if you're lucky you might even get a mythical while leveling towards end-game. Mythical should be the next step to gear up in fully to tackle nm3/nm4. Legendaries should be what motivates you to play those long ass survival runs, while also be a very rare boss/chest drop. Ofc when legendaries is this rare it can be frustrating to loot a piece with bad combination of stats. With 10+ heroes at future endgame it's likely you will find some use for it though, but it would be a good idea to make a reroll consumable, that ofc should also be a rare drop, plus maybe a reward from monthly .
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