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  1. Well my trapper is not lvl 100 (shame) so not sure how high i would go since i dont plan to lvl him soon. Would fit nice on my EV tho.
  2. Im looking to buy some items to complete a few sets/characters I need ult dps plate helm with ab 1 and ab 2 for my monk. A monk weapon (maybe a sparus) must have ab 1 and 2 and have about 370+ upgr (for booster). Mega chick for my booster with health, hero dmg, ab 1 and ab 2 (around 33-35k dmg). Mask and bracers for both dps and builders. Ult capping plate tower chest for my trapper. Builder weap for huntress. Gladius for my squire (atleast ult+) with Tdmg cap and pref to have + in all other build stats. Shield for squire. Two ult+ or ++ clavas for my EV (high health and Tdmg) Supr c
  3. A2 20 cubes and ult set 10 cubes
  4. 11 cubes ult 2 need them since i sold my ult+ gloves :P
  5. I think he is saying it caps dmg with + in all tower
  6. I do if you have a trace on it and i value it after https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AjeuPVK7IRyfdHViWW1fY2hzVW5OUVNicV9hOWNRdlE&usp=sharing[[479,hashtags]]=0
  7. No thp what a shame :( GL tho
  8. Ill bid 5 cubes seahorse and 25 cubes glac for now
  9. Thanks for the offers, updated C/O and reserve reached!
  10. Hey I am auctioning this booster sparus ICd by mkjo. Im accepting cubes, diamonds single=8 double=15, and event items (ask me if i accept that event item first) Diamonds must be ICd and events need a trace. Auction will end friday 9 pm (GMT+1). Sniping bids will extend the auction by 6 hours. I wont sell if i dont like the offer. C/O Max_glenhill 40 cubes CLOSED, MAX WON!
  11. B/O on acc 1. I will let the guys who bid on the other accs B/O if they want to, if they dont want to do it ill take them too.
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