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  1. Probably the worst idea i have seen so far.
  2. The grindfest after exp and gear is what made me love DD1. Quick progress is not as fun as doing it slow in my opinion.
  3. They make me wish i still played, GL man!
  4. Dont sell that many man. You will want to kill yourself after a few hundred runs. :D
  5. I highly doubt that thats a legit tripple :P
  6. You posted helm twice, edit it if you have gloves to get checked.
  7. Price is a few cubes/trans capping sets/double cap myth with all sides/a noncap.
  8. I prefer to pay for the sets so whats the price?
  9. Right now i can prob only afford 1.
  10. Im looking to buy myth/trans armor for tower. Must be 1 cap. I have some coal to spend but not too much. Pm me ingame or post a pic on it here.
  11. Spawned all diamonds and only 1 single... I will post the giveaway tommorow. Thank you everyone for this!
  12. Yea the chest is really nice but to get 60 cubes it has to have health.
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