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  1. is it only me or does the window need to be active to find sessions? any way around or a trendy fix possible? greetz Eggility
  2. 1. No Loot 2.0 for AL at all 2. No Tower Health shield for squire please fix it
  3. we will see - it was a visual bug - thanks you are as helpful as always chesticles ;)
  4. I bought the skin for 800 gems and the hero for 1500 gems - because i thought both together is 2500 gems can i get a 300 gems "refund" (2300 i payed - 2000 it is as a package = 300)?
  5. that should have been fixed 3 months or more ago (in my opinion) ;)
  6. k found out what happens that def should be fixed somehow: my connection isnt that strong - the game loads in something in my opinion if i do somethign in the downloadtime the game crashes because it is not responsing for windows ... sad story
  7. Lootrange should be 660-700 Found around 10 items there and all were below 630 edit: Please fix it :)
  8. it was a crash with an task manager end - nothing changed since yesterday and it works now - no idea why
  9. or trendy :P not sure if it is my fault checked all ideas i had
  10. no idea why it changed to dynamic but: restart - same problem is back - moved dd2 to an other disc - tried to repair it - tried to reinstall it full (not only moving by steam) - nothing helped still game crash before main menu and werent able to get back in since the maybe lucky start with the hotfix (edit: tried 3 other random games on both discs - all of them worked)
  11. (edit: was back - but is away again)solved - big wtf - hard disk went to dynamic - turned it back - works now
  12. already tried to repair it nothing else changed on my system someone else with the same Problem?
  13. ( first of all: i bought game early and got around 17k blue gems from it so unlocking the new hero wasnt that hard at all) 1. Wyvern tokens left for me : 161 (= 13146 of that "new tokens" assuming 60old=5000new) i really have to buy it because there is a new token system? would be ok for me if i can change the new tokens to old ones or the old ones to new ones but there is no exchange system ... insteed i had to use 1500 blue gems or 12k new tokens i dont got. to many people had to many wyvern tokens that Trendy had to do this? ... 2. exp seems like 2 chars lower then 50 = double exp - as
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