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  1. Wyvern tokens have been replaced by defender medals. Better use your wyvern tokens on stuff you want, such as item upgrade boosters.
  2. 0 build passives for other heroes. 0 drops for other heroes. game pls
  3. The point isn't about it being F2P. Everyone keeps saying "oh but its free", "you were happy buying the characters in DD1". Each hero in DD1 cost 4 dollars. In DD2 it costs 16 dollars. http://i.imgur.com/9QK1Ue3.png Regardless of obtaining it in a free way, it's too difficult. They shouldn't simply remove it, but they definitely need to lower the amount of medals. Even 8k would be much better. Reminder: When the game first came out, the entire thing was $15. A single new hero costs more than the whole game did originally.
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