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  1. now it stop dealing any damage after 10 seconds and flamethrowers stop after 30 seconds while attacking the same target you guys suck at testing your updates
  2. Ryvius

    I quit

    Already farming the best C5 gear. You just need to learn new shard and progression system and then it feels smooth.
  3. OH YES! Bring back the ogres falling from the sky right on the crystal. This is the best bug in DDE that have never been fixed properly.
  4. Monthly pets are special but they're not supposed to be OP. let him be special like those useless monthly's but not so damn strong
  5. i dont think this will happen in near future. we had been waiting for any good update for almost half of the year. trendy just doesnt have time for the rebalance while drawing new semi useless maps and skins
  6. OMDU is a nice game just like DD2 it lack content and have a few issues players havent mastered it yet so each pvp session is lame. also i totally disagree to compare them because of the great difference in genres and initial gameplay too. all OMD title is more balanced and simpler than DD ever was and it has more tactic and options for a strategic moves, but still DD is more addictive because of the rich RPG system. while OMD1-2 was a one time rich experience DD1 offers grinding for hundreds of hours in a good way. from all the titles right now DD1 is the best at the terms of interest. OMD is a great game but you should play it if you want a different knowledge of how you could create a "defence game" or just to taste something new. also i wouldnt suggest to play OMDU because singleplayer OMD1-2 is much more flexible. my formula is: DD2<DD1 and OMDU<OMD1-2 i dont know why devs prefer to create crap out of a good games. the situation may change after a few years and bunch of updates tho.
  7. back in dd1 2 EV characters was a must. she changed the game greatly
  8.  is that EV ? def and hero crit chance is back? "Series EV2 is finishing up her upgrades in Sky City and only you can decide who arrives after the Abyss Lord and her -- The Barbarian, The Gun Witch, or the Lavamancer" EV hype!
  9. waiting waiting waiting the whole game is about waiting. i just want to say that trendy spent so much time on boring and useless updates with those new maps skins and few weapons while there's so much more important things to do. so from the last tasty balance update half of a year have passed? i dont know but it's just too long to wait. and if the next major update will not make this game better in proper way i'll totally quit it and i will think about dd2 as of failure which devs cant handle. hype on a next update tho. hope to see so needed changes made by new creative director. d3 was a piece of crap before Jay Wilson got fired and by his hand the game was unofficially called the failure of the year.
  10. i feel like there's nothing new in the game with this patch. yes a new Town area where you can have some fun (which i dont) and how long will others have fun running around and launching people with the catapults? a normalized Carnival map without the rewards. no new drops for that Carnival map so why would i want to change my farming places? some people would simply complete Carnival on NM4 as a one time challenge and then turn back to farm on other maps. the only tiny nice thing is a bit easier legendary farm with 2.5k gold wheel (you still better keep your gold for enchant) so if you collect some tickets it will be handy and maybe a 10 minute buffs. my expectations was a bit higher. i wont return to game where i feel like i have nothing to do. i just have to wait again for a new character and a new hero deck... i'm sure i will gear up that summoner in a few days and then just quit again. the game content designed in a casual way where you can get to high end content pretty easy especially with other players. and then you just have to throw yourself into some silly challenges of your own like beating an ogre being naked because you already accomplished the progression.
  11. no rewards in normalized version? except the premium wheel
  12. 3-5 seconds duration with 20 sec cooldown really awesome skill :)
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