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  1. I've only noticed it on my Cannonball towers and it doesn't seem to do anything. Damage is static at all ranges and angles on the testing dummies
  2. While I'm not sure how accurate they will still be, the wiki has the tower multipliers on their respective pages. Edit: Looks like the pages are really out of date xD I've just updated the Cannonball Page and will start updating the rest when I get home from work Edit2: I remembered when my transposition page was, though since that takes the same data as the individual pages it will still be out of date for the moment.
  3. Knowing how a bug occurs and being able to work around it does not mean it's fixed. Your logic is totally broken
  4. I've re-uploaded all the enemy tutorial images at 1920x1080 :)
  5. Feel free to update the Dungeon Defenders 2 Wiki whenever you wish :)
  6. Too many stickies. It has a link at the top of the website already. You can also find it in the Important Links sticky
  7. Sadly both wikia and wiki have the map info according to a earlier version where the level 1-20 wasn't campaign but actually separate level brackets. Sadly, I believe you are incorrect and the Maps page contains the correct data. It totally wasn't just updated or anything, I promise ;)
  8. If you can access the map, you're at the recommended level.
  9. Pets are only at the first tier right now, evolutions haven't been implemented. I think the highest DPS pets are about 250ish, they have no active or passive skills and the stats they give are random. There will eventually be a system to re-roll the stats I believe
  10. If you had max 163 iLevel gear with all 38 upgrades, a decent pet with +50 on both stats and level 7/6 skill spheres you'd cap out at around 1350 power and 1300 speed. With a 20% Lightning Aura stat on gloves you'll have about 336 Damage and .22 Rate for 1508 DPS. I believe that's about the highest you can get with post patch gear. I'm not sure how high the pre-patch gear goes as I don't have any of it, but if you could reach 60% Lightning Aura Rate you'd hit about .11 attack rate with 3000 DPS at max stats
  11. So instead of two perfect rolls, you now need three perfect and one decent. Also completely removing the need for seperate gear sets since you just get all stats on one guy. Me thinks not such a good idea
  12. Enemies effected by 'Flying' or 'Electrocute' status become immune to both for X seconds. Sorted >.>
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