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  1. I agree, Here is a SS I took which I have seen this or similar things many times, These people also insulted and belittled anybody else who was using DU (the archer and flamethrower) while bragging about how they are going to AFK in the tavern for as long as they want. There is no reason for this other then griefing, While you can go to a Private tavern, Kind of ruins a big part of DD2 the "cooperative Action Tower Defense" game.
  2. Waaaayyy back when, when the Grave Danger pack was originally available, I purchased an extra copy of it to give away in the future. I noticed today that it is gone. It still shows a Steam Gift in my inventory but it is blank and obviously unusable. Here is a SS Ignore me. Most likely just steam acting up due to the summer sale.
  3. In the following folder (assuming you are using the default steam path), C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Dungeon Defenders 2\DunDef2\UDKGame\Config, try deleting all the files that start with "UDK" and then run the game. These files contain some of your user settings so deleting them will restore them all to their defaults. Just make sure to only delete the files that start with "UDK." Had the same issue, Doing this fixed it for me, Thanks Isom :)
  4. Thank you! Extra Extra Thank you to all those putting in extra hours to make it happen! This is why we love DD2!!
  5. I was a little on the fence about the costume and the cost, but once I saw that Mana bomb and death animation. No way I could not have it. Amazing work!
  6. This is a visual bug if you close out of the forge and go back in it'll show up eventually
  7. Notice all difficulties say the same 800+ ipwr, Pretty sure that's just an placeholder. Or maybe it is a hint that when they go into End Game difficulty they will go up to 840ipwr? :P
  8. I'm pretty sure the Reroll Pet Ability items are not in-game. They briefly mentioned it on the Dev Stream, I believe it is a bug.
  9. Is this still accurate after the recent changes? For the most part it should be the same expect the Spheres. I will update it later today.
  10. Go to Social Tavern. Doesn't work in Private Taverns.
  11. The Frosty staff is a special drop. I believe they only drop after Wave 4? and End Game only? It is always legendary, See picture for what it looks like.
  12. Hearty Blockades caps at 5% per piece, total of 30% Frosty Power caps at 10% per piece, Total of 50% Here is how I do mine... Wall Squire: Spheres: Small: Defense Health Medium: No important ones Large: No important ones Uber: Shielding Guard Gear: Weapon: High Hero Health Armor: High % of Hearty Blockades and atleast Hero Health, Really want Defense health and Hero Health, but not always easy to find. Relic: High Defense health and Hearty blockades (Hero HP can roll on this too, I think?) Skyguard Monk: Spheres: Small: Defense Attack Rate Medium: Defense Range Large: Serenity Range Gambit Uber: Shielding Guard Gear: Weapon: Defense Power & Defense Health Armor: Defense Power & Defense Health Helm: Radiance passive - Increases aura range (Can't confirm if this works with skyguard, but likely does) Relic: Defense Power & Defense HealthFrost Power App: Spheres: Small: Defense Power Medium: Frost Tower Range Large: Freeze Sphere I Uber: Shielding Guard Gear: Weapon: Defense Power, Frost Fire and Snowstorm are the passives you want, Best if you can find both, otherwise Frost fire over Snowstorm Armor: High Frosty Power %, Defense Power and when possible Defense health Relic: High Frosty Power %, Defense Power Trap Huntress: Spheres: Small: Defense Attack Rate Medium: Huntress Defense Range Large: Fire for Effect Uber: Elemental Chaos (switch On/Off for explosive and elemental traps) Gear: Weapon: Tripwire passive (10% max?), Defense Power Armor: Defense power, Some people do Defense Crit damage*, I do a mix of Defense health and Defense Crit Damage Helm: Volatile Schematics passive (16% max?) - Increases Trap Radius Relic: Defense Power, Defense Crit Damage*If you go the Defense Crit damage route, Make sure to watch for the Defense Crit chance passive.
  13. No Yes, it increase the DP of the defenses close by the enemy its targeting Yes you get % of your App's DP added to the defenses. No, it doesn't work on dummies.
  14. What is your hunts unboosted hero dmg? Curious if mine would hit 7m too. Pfft no mention for me? Imma cry. :'(
  15. Agree with everything, #1 Just had a Ogre walk OVER my walls. #2 Tried to aggro said Ogre back into my traps and he jumped and killed the eggs, never got near them or swung at them, just his jump, from a fair distance, can 1 shot the eggs. GG. #4 Maybe I don't understand the progression they are going for. But it seems Trendy expects a set of NM3 gear to be able to clear NM4? I can get to wave 5 of NM4, haven't yet gotten a single decent item, most are worse then the NM3 legendaries, so I can't progress any further... IMO progressing would be gear up in NM3, taking on NM4 getting as far as you can and hoping to get some upgrades to progress even further, even if you lose a few times! having to complete a map to get any decent loot is ridiculous. ;/
  16. Really? Reallllly?????????????????????????? NM4 Solo, JUST KILLED THE OGRE ON WAVE 2 and BOOOOOM  Is this part of making NM4 more difficult? ;) Thanks for costing me that sweet, sweet loot. GRRRRRRR anyway.... Back for another try!
  17. I don't think this Frosty issue is as bad as the Serenity, I know I'm not clearing NM4 yet, Sure I can solo NM2 and cheese the boss in NM3, but NM4? Yea no. I have 500-600 ipwr characters. Maybe correct the issue with low level legacy gear having the higher % (making frosty useless 50% increase, if you're lucky, worth 30 du? Nope. byebye App) and stop the Frosty from giving a permanent buff to towers near it (again who cares? +50%? Just build another tower that's +100%!) Maybe make it only buff when its targeting an enemy? I am hoping we won't see another reroll, but will probably just stick to getting golden eggs/collecting pet food/leveling new chars for now.
  18. Here is a picture I took awhile ago, You can see there is another number behind the M in Max Charges and also all of the stats below DPS have moved down a line due to the DPS number and bonus being so high.
  19. I have done at least 50 runs of Liferoot NM4 over the last 4 days and I've seen exactly 4 of the App staff. 3 with no DP but both Frost Fire and Snowstorm, 1 with DP and only Frost Fire.
  20. Was farming exp today on Crossroads Hard Freeplay and the 3rd boss got stuck in the spawn. Wanted to see what would happen if I just kept going, and somewhere after 6minutes in the Boss despawned and now I sit here in an endless Incursion. Total time of wave 5/5 as of this post ~20 minutes Edit- About an hour into wave 5/5, I decided to sell defenses and end it. here is the end stats.
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