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  1. Same old problem. Plus even if you buff the heroes up, a lot of the more casual players will still hit same stumbling blocks in the same place. Back in the DD1 days, they had things like maps / mutators that meant that a single hero just couldn't do it all [Build Phase countdowns ala Bastille incursion / Mastery] so you were meant to do the content with other players. That probably won't work too well in DD2 unless the player population goes way up. Thing is, at about floor 80+, most mobs will 1-shot you. It's like threatening to kill someone, once you go that far... there's nothing else. From 80+, it's just more and more HP and the solution / meta is to CC until they die. Which is easier for you? Solo an Onslaught floor? Or have more players in? Does the increase in AP bonus overcome the increased HP?
  2. "soft" counter would be Sand Viper + Serpent's Coil.... yeah, I'd use the Skeletal Hamster unless you need a wider field of fire or higher single target DPS. Most of the time, Sand Vipers just hurt mobs enough to aggro them into suicide runs ^_^
  3. Well the stats on the item have some relation to the "iPWR" of the item. The iPWR is capped by the map's tier and your highest average... but that doesn't mean the item with the highest Primary Stat has the highest iPWR. So let's say the Primary stat of your gear = iPWR x 20 + RNG [1~100%] x 3000. That lets you get items with slightly less iPWR but superior stats... and guess what gets autosorted to the top? ----- Guess which relic is autosorted higher? 22975 / 8670 / 8330 / 8430 OR 20830 / 9630 / 9500 / 9685 First item sells for 1869, 2nd item sells for 1870. Mr 1870 gets autosorted 'top'. While the iPWR is the same [if I'm at the 'max', then all drops are at max iPWR / sale value], the stats have a bit of randomness in them. You'll see a lot of this when your drops are capped too. *within the SAME rarity, higher sale value = higher iPWR.
  4. That just means it's time to throw down 32 Obelisks or 20 Volcanoes.
  5. Agreed. IF my FAs are using +power relics / Power Transfer then I find that Boosted Power makes a slight difference. Just not worth the DU when I could add a LSA instead. But when I was breaking into C7 and using +crit relics, I was interposing BAs between each FAs. I hid my SGTs further away behind obstacles and it really helped that my BAs had slow.
  6. DD1 in DD2? http://store.steampowered.com/app/302270/ ... still I think most of want to play any map at any more and at any tier. Which is why the recent addition of maps to C7 was really nice. Still can't choose though.
  7. Not sure I want this trap to prematurely aggro certain aerial targets ^_^ but yeah, I would like to see the bird pop up a tad faster... and the effects could last a bit longer... give the Flame Aura a run for it's credits.
  8. 1. So I spent a week using the Tree as if were just a flower pot [Boost Aura]. It worked pretty well and I might just add a bit to the base range and lower the DU cost. But frankly... why not just let the dryad put her stuff anywhere she likes and make the 'Tree' a healing aura? Someone else already mentioned this. I'd second it. Next I used it as a wall [yes, it's possible] and it wasn't really that fun past C4 [Lady Orcs just don't appreciate Trees.] The higher DU cost to reliably close off a lane can be problematic with lower stat relics. But slap both a Health Pylon and a Power Pylon and it's now my 2nd choice as a blockade. Whenever I plan to use two blockades... one of them will be a Tree. If it were up to me, I'd change nothing regarding the Tree. Or at most.. make it a little bit wider [when I use it as an "aura", I'll turn it side to front] 2. Just have Cthulu's influence work more often OR works all the time but gets a buff when in Corrupt mode. 3. Well... ok. 4. Right now she's a castrated PDT [she?] with a wider field of fire. Give her a small chance to stun. Just don't turn her into another Hailstorm. With a small chance to stun mobs, we'd have a SGT that slows targets, Hailstorm that freezes [but has a much narrower field of fire] and now an tower that stuns with an even smaller field of fire. 5. Get rid of it altogether or just make it an ability that restores ability mana. Right now, I have to make sure I'm not under something or I'll miss the star. 6. Want to make some players angry? When you hotswap away from a corrupt Dryad, all her defences go back to "normal" otherwise this idea sounds ok too.
  9. But don't you get more special attacks, earlier / more damaging with say 'Heavy' vs 'Light'?
  10. You no longer need to upgrade such 'locked' shards. They are basically 0/0 as in they come fully upgraded. PS Once you've beaten the relevant incursion [check at the Wayfarer vendor to know which weapon is unlocked with what Incursion], you can buy the 'maximum'* weapon for 500 Defender Medals. * Max as in what the best possible drop taking into consideration of the highest average gear stats among the four heroes in your Deck. i.e. make sure your best equipped hero is in your deck when you buy.
  11. Completing the Campaign for the first time also gives you medals [about 8000], so it's not hard to get 10k for your 'first day'.
  12. I think OP's main thrust was that the World Tree's collision box is a bit small. Especially when compared to other blockades. Even more so when comparing how the 'walls' look. ===== Patch 1.03 ===== Wall Collision & Range Indicator UpdatesWe’ve increased the collision size on our blockades! The Spike Blockade collision volume is 37% larger on the X axis and 20% larger on the Y axis. The Volcano's square collision volume is 37% larger. The Training Dummy's square collision volume is 18% larger. The Arcane Barrier's collision volume is 66% larger on the X axis. The Maw of the Earth Drake's collision volume is 25% larger on the X axis. The Viper's Fangs collision volume is 11% larger on both the X and Y Axis. The Colossus' collision volume is 33% larger on its Y Axis. In addition to this, we’ve added new range indicators on blockades to help you seal your lanes. ===== snip ===== Is there anything else in 1.03 that affects the Tree's collision box? For myself, I kinda like the Tree having such a puny sized collision box... thanks to Her Annoyingness... My Lady of Orc... I typically pair a World Tree with something like a Skellie or some other blockade that can taunt most mobs plus benefit from the two buff shards a Tree can sport. Perhaps we can prune the tree model a tad, so it doesn't look like it overshadows as much. Cut the height by a third or in half. A Big Bush or Stupendous Shrubbery. Have the graphical model fit the collision box. Just not a flower pot, please. Few other walls 'hide' the VISIBLE collision box when upgraded. Otherwise, having to swap Heroes for building... I thought that was rather the point of it all? Making the choice to swap heroes was one of the more strategic choices a player could make in DD1 [no hotswapping].
  13. This is why I want the ability to change a map's availability / visibility from Public to Private and back again not to mention /blacklisting and more. Best just Solo or play with Friends. Between the AFK'ers and this...
  14. http://steamcommunity.com/app/236110/discussions/0/144513248280881619/
  15. Nope. ^_^ It does seem to help if you are never, ever near the Crystal/Obj. PS I've had SR rockets hit the crystal... from the spawner area, where all the heroes were. So who knows...
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