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  1. My stats are 3k+ primary stat 2k+ secondary stat for all my builders. With this build I can start at 28, spend one wave spamming upgrades with my Monkey+Genie Summoner, and AFK waves until the end. I'll tab back in to Flash Heal auras once and again between waves. Works flawlessly.
  2. 0 for 2. One of them was really close though. 600/600/600/594 or something.
  3. The points from leveling up are still a joke compared to gear. One piece of armor has more stats than all of your ninety levels worth of points.
  4. The response to "The boss is tough" so far has been "Practice the boss." No ****. But when you put over a half hour of trivial content before getting the chance to practice the boss, that's bad game design. The best solution is instead of one gigantic map with an hour and a half time limit is to break it into two or more maps. Leave the boss hard, but split it so the pre-boss stuff is one map and the final boss is another. After clearing the pre-boss map, let us just start on the boss so we can practice it and eventually complete it in its current state.
  5. As much as I understand where you are coming from with this, the end of the discussion should be "your are choosing hardcore mode". It's a choice you make that prevents you from having multiple goes at the boss. You are also running it on the highest difficulty, when you could be doing it on a lower setting to learn the fight. Neither of these a valid option to you? Sounds like a personal problem. You're asking them to nerf the absolute end-boss of the game within 48 hours of it's release, but aren't even willing to try to LEARN the fight with the numerous other options available to you
  6. It's still only available to people with all four DLCs.
  7. They've noted a few posts back that the insta-kill wasn't intentional and will be fixed. The rest is exactly how every boss fight in the game up to now has worked... Do it without HC on until you learn the fight, then do it hardcore. You missed the point. If Dungeon Defenders can suddenly be Darksouls now, why can't it also be a game with either fair checkpoints or making the Crystal Dimension two maps? When you intentionally make a boss enough of a threat to kill players a fair percentage of the time, you don't force them to do the trash parts over and over to get to him for a single at
  8. If you want to have an epic boss battle where you get one shot all the time and the only counter is physically moving locations for better ping, whatever. But don't make players spend a half hour for one attempt. Could you imagine if an MMORPG did that? You clear up to the final boss in Stratholme, wipe on the boss, and have to clear the entire instance again. That **** doesn't happen because it's frustrating to players for no reason other than the developers are far, far out of touch with what their audience wants. Split it up if you insist on keeping the difficulty.
  9. The damage Summoner pets do is garbage. It would probably be alright for helping the team out, but I still feel Monkey/Genie is better.
  10. I did some testing on Open with the 7.38C Propeller Cat. As per another thread, I upgraded my cat to 200 boost. I was capable of putting more points into boost, but I left it at 200. I attacked the dummy in NM Deeper Wells on my Barbarian. I chose Barbarian because he has the highest auto-attack damage and one of the weaker pet multipliers. My other gear was constant. These are my findings: Baseline (used Genie to compensate for HAtk): 100% Propeller Cat: 181% Seahorse: 257% Seahorse with alt buffing my Barbarian: 495% As you can see, you give up 76% personal damage to increase yo
  11. The full value of the DLC (discounting Lost Shards, which won't be on sale most likely) is $40.20. You can currently buy it for $13.40. At 75% off, it's $10.05. What's three bucks worth to you?
  12. What it should do is massively boost hero damage (300-500%) but not affect pets. That's far better than its current state. It's gimped right now because Trendy is afraid of it buffing three Seahorses.
  13. [QUOTE]* Propeller Cat Pet Hero-damage-buffing and effective range increased by 33%[/QUOTE] Brings it up to 56%, which would make it about break even for a group of three but with all of the same drawbacks. Still useless.
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