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  1. I'd be keen to see a super rare "ancient" item. something one tier above legendary. Something that might drop once every 10-20 maps, that still has 3 passives but slightly higher stats than legendary gear. That way full legendary is perfectly viable, but it you're lucky enough to get an "ancient" item then you might get a 5-10% boost to stats on that particular item. I think that would satisfy the requirements of what has been discussed in the thread too!!
  2. They have done this! When you play solo there are fewer creatures racing suicidally towards the crystals. As a result there are fewer drops. Still removing the hero deck will make it partially P2W as more slots can potentially make the game easier.
  3. A better question is what would your builders build that the 16 other heroes from a 4 player match up can't build? Absolutely nothing!! This is exactly why I don't understand why people have such an issue with the hero deck. I frequently join public games in NM4 incursion with 3 builders, people join, i ask "do you have walls?" or "do you have SA?" depending on which builder i haven't bought and I haven't once been let down.
  4. What would your 7 builders build that would make the game so much easier? Whatever they wanted, there is 7 of them.
  5. Everyone hates the hero deck... I mean it would be nice being able to bring my 7 builders.. but that would make the game way too easy.. Don't really see the issue...
  6. Play on your tower heroes!! You won't need DPS until At least end game if your towers are strong enough, at which point you'll be looking to be level 50 anyways and you won't need to level! In terms of gearing, having a builder and a DPS of each class is an option. Having a strong pet to allow you to be useful on a builder is another. Or simply having a build strong enough (working with friends etc...) to allow you to not be on a DPS is a 3rd. There are many ways to do it!
  7. Sadly a little bit of information is a dangerous thing. I would bet that the people have read the forums a small amount and learned that (awhile ago) DPS huntress was the only way to play. When people are struggling they can make quite harsh decisions, which unfortunately it seems you were on the receiving end of. The reality is that there are so many ways of doing DPS now that class is almost irrelevant. Monks and Squires can smash frozen targets, so providing their are enough frosty towers they are viable. Apprentice and Huntress speak for themselves. The main issue people have with the mo
  8. Reading the patch notes makes me excited to go home and give things a try! Interested to see how much solo play differs from building for four people (exciting if I can solo NM4 now!) The ramparts weapons might be obtainable now too (WOOHOO) I was expecting a dragolich nerf (or bug fix it would seem) and i'm glad it wasn't sent into oblivion during the fix!! All and all this looks really good! thanks for the news @iamison and thanks everyone at Trendy who made it happen!
  9. Damn son! I would love to play with you, but i'm only half way NM4 geared. I got like 2,4k traps, average walls and stuff... Sounds like you've gone and found Perf (or near enough to it) gear.
  10. I know not everyone is currently enjoy Christmas, for many of you its the 24th still. However, some of us live in the future, i live in GMT+13 so for me it has begun! As soon as my family is awake I shall disappear to the realms of way too much food to indulge to the point of being unable to move and I hope all of you are planning on doing the same! For those that will still be roaming the lands of Etheria, i hope RNGesus treats you well and you find a nice treat for Christmas! See you all soon, and Merry Christmas!
  11. If you have a good team then yes. I was farming him with a group last night on nm4 taking less than 10 minutes per Run. However if you're not organised it can be quite hard
  12. Just pick a difficulty, if its too much then drop back. Personally i'd start at NM1 gates of dragonfall. once you can do that just skip straight to Liferoot, don't save Quab. once thats cool move up to NM2, rinse and repeat. You should get to NM3 pretty easily, but will have to grind NM3 and NM3 incursion a bit to make it into NM4 without help :)
  13. If you're trying to horde everything, you might have to buy more bag space. Its a free game, spending $20 to be able to horde items means that you've paid $20 for a game you enjoy playing! Thats pretty cheap really!
  14. Just sell it IMO. If you're getting that much pet food then getting more when you need it shouldn't be a big deal!
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