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  1. ok what the hell is wrong with dryad trees on this map, orc ladies just run right by like it doesn't exist. i'm having more problems with orc ladies than the whole freezing mechanic. i rather the cost returned back to before, trees were already bad before but now its just broken.
  2. quick question on relating to reroll. for those with c8 relic, are you still able to reroll the mods with the c7 tokens? or does it requires a non-existent c8 pristine token?
  3. This happened a few times already while doing onslaught. The hornets completely disappears from the nest and lane. It definitely wasn't stunned from emp. Even after wave is over they would still be gone but will eventually respawn if you wait long enough. Basically the hornet nest sits there like it wasn't powered by a tree but tree is definitely alive. Not sure how to replicate the problem and wondering if it is happening to someone else since patch.
  4. yup the emp lane that a couple node of WM by the air sewer entrance would've fixed but hey gotta stick that DR necessary balance in there to ensure proper use of a tower will fail
  5. u can just stick one or two dart/cannonball tower near spawn facing backwards toward the blockade in high roller lanes and it will kill them
  6. i assume you mean the introduction of DR. so besides WM stun, what else notable CC is easily and widely used? is it not more of a problem with just that mod? i haven't seen any complains about op proton beams slow/freeze or op cannonball stuns. sure it will open up room for design but why introduce it separately without any other changes or redesigns that compliment it?
  7. What are these random nerfs you mention? Other than the reduction in Frosty power shard dmg bonus? You canĀ“t mean the introduction of diminishing returns, because that is as far from "random nerf" it could possible be. frosty shard nerf. fissure no longer stackable, which made it unique vs fire aura hitting air. introducing diminishing returns without anything to offset the loss of CC? the 5 mana reduction to blockade was suppose to offset this? so i saved enough for an extra tower after 8 blockades? nerfing towers are fine but at least give unused defense some love, like any of OP's suggest
  8. the update was disappointing indeed, instead of unused towers being buffed to a usable state, random nerfs were made instead. there were much talks about elemental combos getting buffed but besides water drenching now, there are no new additions. i'm gonna assume this is step 1 to whatever they have planned, but the development time between meaningful patches is an eternity for this type of game.
  9. Exactly this. Introducing a bunch of materials and gilding of shards to make players buy bags was bad enough. Now introducing this material vault as a pay feature is adding salt to the wound. I have supported and purchased all the DD products thus far but have lost much respect for the company with the direction they are heading for with the micro payments. Next expansion going to add even more random mats and will coincide with a BAG/VAULT SALE!
  10. no idea, i just returned from a long break. i'm not even past floor 61 of ascension.
  11. here are a few of them. these previously dropped in other chaos but somehow made into c8 after i came back. got about 10-15 of them. they aren't particularly good and u can't get rid of them. c8 shards
  12. I can get over needing 10 shards to gild one but at least make shards easier to manage. Trying to slowly gather 10 of a shard as you go is impossible and the sheer amount of different shards completely clutters up your bag space. Making nice hero/tower skins, upgrading, even the new weapons costing gems is perfectly acceptable way to make players spend. Creating a bunch of new crafting mats and setting a high shard amount to gild just for cluttering bag space and forcing players to buy bag/bank slots however feels real dirty. Especially these re-categorized "chaos 8" shards that you literally
  13. did the rollback happen already? my account still looks the same
  14. Well thinking business wise, I believe you'd rather put priority on the influx of new players from xbox and f2p release and keeping them interested in the game for as long as possible. There is still the promised endgame mode that slooooowly coming...sometime.....soonish...maybe...
  15. the quick fix is simply increasing the base range so deadly strike increases the range much further. i like the each tree powering limited amount of towers anywhere on map idea but that sounds like a lot of revamping on ui and the tree itself. with the current development's speed, its going to come out like next year. another idea maybe the towers can be placed any range from world tree but the further it gets from a world tree source the lower the damage it does.
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