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  1. Granted, but somehow you end up suing yourself and losing, with Trendy getting all the money wait, that isn't corrupted wish oh well I wish Giants, Bears, Mammoths and Storm Wizards wouldn't 1-5hit K.O. me in Skyrim
  2. Granted but forums were shut down. I wish for a keg of hot chocolate.
  3. They should be in some sort of hidden room that opens after you either beat the "campaign" or get to level 70.
  4. You need to either get to level 70 or beat the "campaign", forgot which.
  5. imadaman/su****llaii Currently conscripted in Finnish Defence Forces. My knees are breaking on me. I like Stargate, Warhammer 40k, Firefly, MS Paint Adventures, Dragon Age series, and I was roleplaying with a group a game of Dark Heresy (a Warhammer 40k RPG), but that was put on hold on my part due to the conscription. I also like Doctor Who. And Jelly Babies and Mass Effect. I basically live on Facepunch forums. I also like X series by Egosoft. And both Deus Exs. I don't really know what else to put here? Favourite food's Lasagna and I live with a feline. No, not the band. Also Michael Guy Bowman is awesome. As is Toby Fox. [quote](UK, Canada, offensive, racial slur) A ****stani, or, more generally and incorrectly used, a person who is perceived to be from South Asian or the Indian Subcontinent origin which is still considered offensive.[/quote] Ah. Okay. My apologies if anyone is insulted by the middle part of one of my internet aliases.
  6. New rule. When you say what happens, you also put something in. I put in facebook. You get a facebook thrown at your face. I put in Zaeed.
  7. I presume he means a button on the server browser, or elsewhere, that attempts to reconnect to the last played server, though I would find a tab/list of previously played servers, with the ability to connect to them, of course, in the server browser list menu a bit more useful per se.
  8. this i happening cus people wass afraid to go into ranked from the beginning and now when the halloween event is only on ranked people is transfering to ranked and the extra items can only be obtained on one game mode. so now the items are stuck in open/local why people is afraid of ranked: if you se ''ranked'' dont you ecspect a rating system and auto matchmaking? i know i ecspect it to be and many think ''o gese i cant go in to a ranked game with a lvl 1 character'' or ''i aint good at TD aspecaly not at a third person shooter tower defense id better play on normal (witch in this case is open/local)'' You say "afraid". I didn't know they were one-mode only and wanted to practice since my friends hadn't gotten the game yet so I played local to practice, and of course picked them up, not knowing it's only for one game mode. Now that I know, I hope that I can get them at some point...
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