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  1. Same here, i select the option but it don't save. =/
  2. Well, i completed every Survival Map on Massacre, but didnt get the Trophy! Somebody know why?
  3. So, what happens to the Roadmap? Its completly out date! Where can we help with ideas or check for upcoming content?
  4. Hi all, im trying to get this trophy, but its kind of impossivle, no one join the games, how can i do that? Any idea pls Tyvm
  5. Idk what happend, i wasn't playing for a while, now im back, i missing a lot of my items My Dragon Pet is gone, Full lvled Tank armor, weapons, many gear! Help pls!
  6. Yeap, i have all my chars
  7. Hi, i wasn't playing for a while, now im back, i notice that alot of my gear is missing, i had a good Dragon Pet, full lvled, its gone A full set for wallers gone too, my huntress weapons gone All upgraded gear i had in my inventory is gone !!! And I wasn't playing, so, there is no way i sold it Help pls
  8. Hi everybody!! Where is our DEV's?? I'm feeling a lack of comunication here!! No anounces, nothing new =[
  9. I agree with u, we need more content, people arnt playing anymore
  10. Well, im not talking about time, if u play any game in easy dificulty and the game have alot of content, it wont make tha game harder, just longer Im talking about dificulty, the item r OP, the massacre dificulty isnt a real challange, try to finish DD1 solo, u'll the its alot more harder than DDA Im comparing DD1 with DDA, and for me, DDA look too easy, u can level all chars at the same time, items just have almost all stats always i hope this change when they release Massacre Survival Well, thats all guys Remember, this isnt a fight, just a discussi
  11. Antharix, yes, i did all the content solo in Massacre dificult, im lvl97 now with all chars with 8k Item power in all items No one carry me, i just like the game and played alot. To do massacre dificult i just focus my DPS hero, farmed nightmare alot to have a good dps and abuse the enrage aura. It wasnt first try, i did MANY and MANY builds, didnt use any kind of site or forum to help, so, i cant tell u the exactly build i did If u dont belive me, no problem, u have the right of the doubt Sorry for my bad english Hope u understand
  12. Hi all, its me again! I'm playing DDA, and i think the game is too easy! I installed DDE agains, just for fun, and i notice that if u try solo, u'll probably have a hard time at the start even in Easy difficulty Other thing, u can lvl all 4 chars at the same time, its take some of the fun, i just make one of each class and start playing solo, did all the content solo, and now im waiting for more content It make me lost some interest in the game I'm making this post more like a feedback, hope u guys understang Ty vm, lets make DD
  13. I hope so, i love DD1 content =D
  14. I really want to know, why there isn't all the things from DD1? Where is the maps? Challanges? Bosses and all those things? There r so many thing in DD1 that r simply awsome! Why don't add few already? Love u all!! Kisses
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