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  1. 20 cubes and a double cap For 35 total
  2. I assume you mean best for DPS, but I'm going to ignore you because on the squire the best weapon is the high five cause *** slapping ogres is fun. :)
  3. How about I just give you a ban? <3
  4. Banned for not realizing I have no control over that because the forums are broken
  5. You were using melee monk and not ranged. 0/10 worst video I've ever seen.
  6. banned because those are arms, not extra legs.
  7. Banned because that's only a half right description of my profile pic
  8. I thought you were a scientist? I'll disclose it to you my padawan... much to learn you have. The Tavern Dummy is inaccurate for the first seconds just alone by the fact how it operates now. Remembering recent patch, the consistency improvement of the Tavern Dummy? Let alone that we are talking about an average DPS and not about a first 3 or even 20 second DPS. If you calculate your average DPS like that, why do you stop after 5 points? You know that this kind of "average" will be lower (since first data is higher than average) and lower and lower as more points you collect? Taking into account that you calculate it infinitely you will end up exactly to the average DPS I mentioned, hence the first data is the only one which odds -.- You want to be a scientist? Incapable to filter outlier? I'm not saying that I'm 100% accurate with the data since I don't have the time to run this check an infinite time, probably there will be another oddness within the 20th, 50th or 100th cycle but please stay seriously. You are still trying to pinpoint me. The dummy isn't inaccurate. It factors in the projectile(s) that hit it before the player is immediately in front. It simulates a realistic environment much better than just standing in front of it because you have to move towards the enemy in normal games. That's why I include the first data point which you ignore even though we're talking about practicality of the event item. You aren't wrong with your average in the long-run, but in order for you to be close to correct, it would take about 50 cycles of data 2 and data 3 from your previous post to average out. Considering most mobs would be going down in about 5-10 cycles, you are far from correct, hell even ogres go down in about 2-3 cycles unless you're doing 4 person survival. The reason I chose the first 5 data points is because that's much more realistic and something you'll actually experience in-game. If this were in-game, you would also likely be moving towards and away from the ogre to avoid damage which would make the cycle much more likely to be data 1 data 2 data 3 data 2 data 3 repeating. As a side note that relates to this, I actually do a fun game in my tavern where I have people use level 0 jesters to try to out DPS my level 0 jester. So many just try to spam the dummy point blank but don't realize you do more dps approaching the dummy. Same idea can be applied to approaching mobs as long as the damage is ranged. No clue what you are talking about. Projectile Spread? What the heck? I though you were arguing about the Chicken DPS... why do you talk about things of the Seahorse now? Pssst, chickens have projectiles you can use to increase DPS as you approach a target, you know, something that happens in a real environment. I'm not saying your data is fake, just that you ignore the first data point which is useful. You will never experience anything in this game that requires the roughly 50 cycles it takes to get close to your average. Theoretical isn't the same as applied. That's kinda why jobs like to differentiate between applied and theoretical categories.
  9. That hard? Are you drunk/stoned currently? No offense, a serious question!!! So what DPS we see with the 4k Monk using 37.0k Chicken 8.6183M (junk since first data, eggs were shots too) 8.3834M (Cycle 1: Data 1) 7.1858M (Cycle 1: Data 2) 8.3834M (Cycle 2: Data 1) 7.1858M (Cycle 2: Data 2) 8.3834M (Cycle 3: Data 1) 7.1858M (Cycle 3: Data 2) 8.3834M (Cycle 4: Data 1) 7.1858M (Cycle 4: Data 2) 8.3834M (Cycle 5: Data 1) I was running away now to change to the Seahorse since I thought the data were enough to calculate an average DPS. Average DPS = 8.3834M + 7.1858M / 2 = 7.7846M Incorrect? How do you get to 7.9637M? _________________________ Now to avoid the discussion why I'm higher at my pictures compared the video... so for the math boys. The pictures are containing data from a Chicken which had 37,736 Base Damage The video contains data from a Chicken which only had 37,052 Base Damage With the rule of three (yes such an easy formula since we are going to change just one variable... Base Damage) Picture DPS = [ Video DPS / Video Base Damage ] * Pic Base Damage Picture DPS = [ 7.7846M / 37,052 ] * 37,736 >>> Picture DPS <<< = 7.9283M (click it) I seriously had no clue that I have to be that accurate for non-science related data -.- I thought it would be enough to show off plausible values instead you keep talking about inaccuracy and incorrect data, trying to pinpoint me for being 300k off of your own data although you are using a slightly different chicken which explains this data off much better than saying my data is ***. Could you please use some common sense while the original reasons to discuss about the seahorse will be veiled? Fact is; It is OP for many heroes for a damn huge range of stats, just a few people will be able to beat the Seahorse with a 37k Chicken considering only single target damage. The majority only goes for single target damage (tavern dummy) since that's the numbers they can check continuously. (And I've got an idea.... about an improvement of the Tavern) I'll shut now, since I'm really tired and exhausted to discuss about facts. If you are able to disprove me, my videos, my numbers with 2k and 4k heroes... more than being 5% off... what a waste -.- Well for starters, why are you throwing out the first data point? It falls well within the goodness of fit requirements and it's obtainable. For the damage, I have seen nothing but the opposite in my tavern. On top of that, the projectile spread isn't very good and it's elemental which only benefits the chicken. As for the last part, I've shown my screens of the cavalry getting destroyed by a 36,965 with 200 fewer points. So you're actually more than 5% off :^)
  10. Specifically the ones you point out in your video. You claimed a 7.7846 while the actual value was 7.9637 on the chicken before repeating values. That's either bad math or intentionally incorrect data. Edit: this is only the first one. After an incorrect data set, I'm used to saying "Incorrect data" so I can't bother to look at more.
  11. Well, I mean, your data is pretty ***ing terrible. You can't even do averages on a small data set of 5 points properly. You should work on that. :)
  12. So you seriously claim about an off of 300k of my chicken data while the Seahorse is millions ahead on so many heroes which you are claiming is not the case! Are you kidding me? The fact that my original data has even higher chicken numbers actually helps you... but yes people like you don't see that. If you actually would have bothered to read the guide, the source of the chicken data... you would have seen that the chicken there is 37.7k while the chicken from the guide is just 37.0k but yes I'm lying -.- An apologies of your false accuse and behave is too hard, right? So you continue being a fool and trying to set me on your level, right? Oh yes, so much easier but I won't fall on your level. Give me a couple days to have some time to actually watch your video for more than a few seconds. In your video, you lie about your data average within the first minute. It's 100% independent of what you posted on the forums which I think is even bigger bull*** considering I got a linear regression model when I used your data with mine. As for my data, it was a .995 correlation coefficient linearly and a .95 wrt a log function using your data point alongside my 6.4k data point.. I have a small tendency to ignore the rest because if one data set is fake, the rest is usually fake. You should never go into research because you would be blacklisted within a day for an average that far off. :)
  13. Last boss I had was total dude bruh so yeah, we talked about each other jerking each other off quite a bit. You'll have to remind me about group chat since the banter there is too great to remember :^). Sounds like maybe nobody likes you because you're a little ***. That seems like a much greater reason to ban you. Seems like just an excuse to kick you off the forums. <3
  14. I would like a more civil tone or I'll have to report you for profanity. Before you will post again... you'd better lowering your stats and actually pre-check what you are talking about. Anyone can err, but only the fool persists in his fault. Damn you might have to be a little *** to complain towards me. You should try not being such *** though. I do lower my stats and yet nothing can come close to your stats with the same character/skin. It might just be that you're *** at calculating averages. C'mon bruh, this is 3rd grade *** ;^))))
  15. Do you say "you can't possibly jerk yourself off hard enough" to your mom/boss? And I won't repeat here what you are writing about me at the group chat. You sir, can't be more selfish and pathetic* *I once got banned for writing "pathetic move" here at the DDE forums, so hopefully I won't be punished again for that since I still have no clue what's wrong with it. So I don't have much time, but your DPS of chickens on the first one is actually 7.963663 using the average of DPS. In your video, you claim it's 7.7846 which is incorrect. Please don't lie about your data.
  16. Banned because everyone should love gravity falls. brb while I cry that it's ending tonight.
  17. Banned because it's very logical. They look nice :)
  18. Banned for having a TV show character as your picture.
  19. Banned for not being in the DD1 group and not understanding that.
  20. You make yourself look stupid. Is it too hard for you to take off some gear in order to replicate the given data? I won't do a video of it... I actually did. I could not replicate your data. I had 7.6984mil DPS, not 7.9. I'd be happy to accept that I'm wrong, except from all data I've seen, you're about 300k DPS off. You should develop a better method because at 4005 stats the damage is 7.4903x3 + 8.3226 repeating. So, you're about 5% too high. This clearly proves that you have no idea about the game. You better redo your research. If you honestly don't think this game works in a log function, you should look at the game again. Also, this is just basic statistics. A 5% difference in stats would not translate into into more than 10 or so percent as you move closer to the 1-2k stats because that's how log curves work.. Unless you want to argue in the sub 1k stats, there's very little chance, it won't vary greatly even with a multiplier. (I don't have the data so I can't say for sure). I think anybody with at least a first semester stats course could see this. You should try taking a few courses or maybe get a major in it. I hear you can get a pretty good paycheck in that field. More prove that you are being wrong and incapable to read and understand anything. Different pets are not scaling equally depening on Hero Points which I clearly said at above post. They scale relatively close in terms of seahorse and chicken which is all that matters in this case. I don't know the exact formulas for each, but looking at pictures I provided above shows that damage of a decent chicken is better than a Cavalry. Whatever the *** you said in response to my two point thing Geez, you sure can't tell the difference between poking fun at the point where you take two point that will fit any curve and a joke. You should learn when to tell someone is making a joke or not :^))) You would not fare well in a stats course where all we do is ***post and laugh about piss poor data. I would like a more civil tone or I'll have to report you for profanity. Before you will post again... you'd better lowering your stats and actually pre-check what you are talking about. Anyone can err, but only the fool persists in his fault. I am being civil, none of those things got caught by a swear filter. Report me all you want, I would just rather not waste the time mods have where they could be responding to actual issues. And I did lower my stats, maybe you should just stop lying about your data or be intentionally misleading because that is unethical. Only the fool has such bad data that he need to make up numbers. I honestly can't tell if you're just bad at data or are trying to lie about it. Either way, it's pathetic.
  21. Banned for making a discord server when we have yg's 100% perfect teamspeak :^)))))
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