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  1. bump, looking to do runs tonight. Can't do runs for 3 days after though
  2. They aren't that good, but I have no need for them and don't feel like throwing them into an AFK shop so I'll auction them off to whoever wants them. Rules: Only accepting coals and cubes I reserve the right to not sell or to close the auction at any given time There are no reserves All upgrades are done in steam workshop and are clean on ranked servers Ult tower plate boots: clean- http://i.imgur.com/I3wbD5m.jpg upgraded- http://i.imgur.com/4yXARjx.jpg c/o: 2 coal Ult tower leather boots: clean- http://i.imgur.com/mBxmRK9.jpg upgraded- http://i.imgur.com/esy1KJP.jpg c/o: 1 cube Supreme DPS leather chest: clean- http://i.imgur.com/tEa5vpW.jpg upgraded- http://i.imgur.com/Caj7y7h.jpg c/o: 1 cube I'll do an IC upon request. Winners, please add me on steam after the auction has ended to get the items in a timely manner. -curtisgk SID: curtisgk Auction over edit log: date changed because I won't be online on original date
  3. Pig, I'll give you a cube just so pen can complain some more. ;)
  4. I'll do a coal on the ult plate helm
  5. 2 coal on gloves P.s if I win, I won't be able to log on until about the 8th to buy it. I'll retract if you want it sold immediately.
  6. curtisgk

    [WTA] Ult armor

    -offer retracted, too stupid to see 2nd page-
  7. Armor 4- 3 coal Also, are you accepting lab runs?
  8. Add me on steam and send me a message with the amount you want and we'll get it done as quickly as possible (:
  9. Closed indefinitely Runs sold: 794 I would like to thank everyone that's bought runs :D
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