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  1. When does the auction end?
  2. 7 for the set. Also it would be nice if you don't sell them individually. It'll be annoying trying to determine what to bid for the entire set is. I'll bet 7 for now because leg originally put a bid of 6 for the set.
  3. 5 cubes for the set assuming it passes IC
  4. Ooh, you might have me beat. I'm getting too many people saying "let me go buy mana" and I'm having issues selling now. :(
  5. 700Bil. I have 600 right now, just need to sell a couple more cubes. If the auction ends before I sell them, I'll retract my bid.
  6. Probably vendor trash. I shot the gun on the item quality thinking it was a gamblers polearm. Also for future reference, don't block so much. Look around the forum auctions to see how others block stats.
  7. You should block out some stats completely and block out the last number or 2 on a couple of statsotherwise you'll find duplicates from hackers. Also get it IC'd privately by an item checker.
  8. Wow, and here I am sitting on 6 when they're apparently worth more than just a cube. This is probably the best auction in quite awhile.
  9. As the title says, I'm looking to buy a supreme set that caps resistances and damage as well as having a good AB2. Resistance cap is a must and we can work out a deal if it doesn't cap damage. I'm looking to pay between 15 and 25 cubes depending on AB2 and damage. The set must be IC'd beforehand. If you have a set, add me on steam. SteamID Id in signature.
  10. People make an auction and the bidders are under the assumption they have a chance of getting the item. It's unethical to screw over those who are actually bidding and wouldn't mind spending the money for an item they really want. Don't have the money to compete against the high bidders? Move to lesser items. It's an auction. It goes to whoever is willing to pay the most, not to whoever knows the seller.
  11. curtisgk

    WTT/WTB CD run

    Ahh okay, thanks for the correction. Will update to 4 runs then.
  12. curtisgk

    WTT/WTB CD run

    I'm looking to buy 4 CD runs to unlock the costumes. I can either trade for some lab runs or I'll buy them for cubes. I'm looking to do the runs either Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning. Im looking to do 4 runs of it so I can unlock it for all 4 of my Heros. Offer what you want and I'm sure we can work something out.
  13. Luke, I would highly recommend not buying an untraceable event item. If they can't get a trace it typically means it's hacked and it's just a waste of cubes. Never buy untraceable event items.
  14. Just got laptop back. Auction has ended. Thanks to everyone that participated. Add me on steam and I'll do the trade whenever I see you on.
  15. Hey guys, my laptop broke today and it's going to be awhile, maybe up to 2 weeks, before I can log back on so I might have to cancel the auction unless you don't mind waiting.
  16. curtisgk

    Item Check Thread

    http://i.imgur.com/tzszlQU.jpg Please and thank you <3
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