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  1. I'm so down for this. Love doing a new play through every once in awhile. :) For one of the rules can we prohibit doing tavern defense pure stray until we clear the game?
  2. curtisgk

    Item Check Thread

    Item checkers have their magic, and trust me, they are very very sure when something is hacked or legit. So that's why they say it's not hacked instead of possible. Oh wait. Anyways, I'm like 90% sure one of those was farmed by me because I recently sold some and those stats and mana are nearly identical.
  3. curtisgk

    Item Check Thread

    Just because you have similar does not mean they are not hacked ^^, wait for mkjo or DDace to check them. Hence why I said possible. No one can be sure if anything here is hacked or not. I simply gave my opinion because I farm pkobolds constantly with friends and, as far as I can see, it's within the realm of possibility. Edit: IC is to say it's a possible spawn and as DJ said, let's get back to item checks. If you have a problem with my check or what I said, please private message me.
  4. curtisgk

    Item Check Thread

    mana values are so different, iC please and thank you. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197998733917/ All of those are possible, I have similar ones.
  5. ENDED 10 cubes- Promethean
  6. curtisgk

    Item Check Thread

    I/C please https://i.imgur.com/mJYvJ8N.jpg
  7. I have 6 to sell if you're still buying
  8. No longer need to buy any.
  9. curtisgk

    [WTA]Ult+ sparus

    4 cubes. Keep meaning to buy one haha
  10. Not sure why people wouldn't just hack the mana themselves. Seems like buying the mana wouldn't be worth it. At least not to me. I spend way to much of it. There are people out there that believe it isn't hacked. The others just don't know how to use google.
  11. Assuming I won, add me on steam, SID is in my signature and we can trade next time you see me on. (:
  12. By the same logic why 'buy' mana when if you are prepared to do that, you may as well 'buy' a celebration... I was referring to the people that bought cubes for mana. While I was selling cubes, I had quite a few people say they had to purchase mana before they would be able to buy my cubes.
  13. Geeze, ddmana is gonna make a fortune off this auction. shhh no one would ever buy "legit" mana from ddmana to buy legit cubes. But in reality it is sad that ddmana probably did make quite a bit of money. Why play the game to get mana and cubes when you can swipe a credit card and get it instantly?
  14. curtisgk

    Item Check Thread

    Need these two pieces for auction http://i.imgur.com/22HPnD0.jpg http://i.imgur.com/VZG27I3.jpg
  15. Ended u1 c/o: 2 cube http://i.imgur.com/VZG27I3.jpg u2 c/o: 6 coal http://i.imgur.com/22HPnD0.jpg I/C: http://forums.dungeondefenders2.com/showthread.php?95359-Item-Check-Thread&p=1068543&viewfull=1[[5147,hashtags]]
  16. One of my favorite posts on the forum to date. Have fun adding 1k items into the trade; should be fun. It wasn't too bad. I traded roughly 900bil worth of mana. Only lost feeling to my hand, broke my wrist and almost lost my hand. No big deal.
  17. Alright, shh, you beat me. All my mana has been reconverted back into cubes. It was a good run and I'm glad he's getting a higher bid for the item. Good luck on the auction.
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