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  1. I have yet to play any of the new donkey kong "( I haven't either, just games he shows up in. Diddy Kong racing is still one of the best racing games out :D
  2. Dang, so glad I noticed the attack :D
  3. I don't think I saw it in here, so I SUMMON LEVEL DESIGNERS Where do you get your inspiration for the levels? Out of almost every game I play, DD still has the best levels IMO. Can't wait to see the all of the DD2 levels.
  4. Donkey Kong's reaction to Lanky Kong
  5. Hmm you're right. Once I get out of class I'll fix that.
  6. Looking to sell off these extra kobolds. Minimum bid is a cube each. Buyout on all is 3 cubes. Ends September 6th, 11:59pm PK1: http://i.imgur.com/8snBsQn.jpg c/o: 2 cubes arcama PK2: http://i.imgur.com/BP5n8FT.jpg c/o: 1 cube arcama PK3: http://i.imgur.com/QPVCK2e.jpg c/o: 2 cubes zularis PK4: http://i.imgur.com/q1vs2Mn.jpg c/o: 1 cube arcama
  7. They should rename melee super smash bros captain falcon because obviously captain falcon is the greatest character in the game. Brawl is good, but they made it so using the Wiimote was a pain. :( (I know you can use a GameCube controller but I just feel like they could've done a better job with the Wiimote)
  8. Sometimes in my car, I like to sing Katy Perry songs out loud :P Oh god, Katy Perry's latest album. My neighbors called me in for a noise complaint because I was singing to her dark horse album really loudly fr 2 hours straight.
  9. Pins (stupid 5 character requirement)
  10. Not going to lie, I was expecting a 1bil mana token tops haha. But thanks for the bids guys :D
  11. Just farmed enough coal so ill change my bid to 3 cubes on tower sparus 6 coal on DPS sparus.
  12. Always sad to see people go, but thanks for all the item checks and letting me run labs for you. Good luck in DDE, I'm pretty sure you'll be the best there within a few days. :)
  13. Instead of pwr leveling to beat a map, how about using some +200 godly gear from another account??? :) Theres a difference between farming and power leveling. Farming to beat the next level is like 99% of the game :D
  14. non cap diamond for both DPS and tower sparus (3 cubes on tower, 1 on sparus) Sorry for the weird bid, I'm almost out of cubes until my auction is over.
  15. Bidding cube on S3 Do you by any chance mean U3? Haha
  16. curtisgk

    Item Check Thread

    I/C please <3 http://imgur.com/UIX5AZA http://imgur.com/Y2p2IDW http://imgur.com/MmXbt6H http://imgur.com/4m23wDb http://imgur.com/1XLK7zw
  17. ENDED U1: http://imgur.com/UIX5AZA c/o: 2 coal- ady U2: http://imgur.com/Y2p2IDW c/o: 10 cubes- namwich U3: http://imgur.com/1XLK7zw c/o: 4 cube- shhquiet S1: http://imgur.com/MmXbt6H c/o: 1 cube- tbone S2: http://imgur.com/4m23wDb c/o: 1 cube- liam
  18. 3 heart boxes on tower sparus. Would you be willing to accept a non-capping diamond?
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