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    Item Check Thread

    Bought this from a player shop awhile ago and forgot about it and looking to make sure it's legit before giving it away. IC please :) [SPOILER] [/SPOILER] edit: added spoiler because of obnoxiously big photo
  2. Of course we start the week I have 4 exams. :( If you ever see me online, send me a message and I should be able to join though I won't be on that much. P.S. We should totally play on open. It has moon base. :D
  3. It might be to not have people lose items because of a full inventory. Making sure people get gear is a higher priority to small glitches but they still have to be conscious of glitches. I wish a dev could come here and explain the caps. :D
  4. The cap is definitely stuck at 2bil. It would be nice if we can make the token that big too. I'm pretty sure it's 32bit so the limit would be 2,147...... the devs most likely made a choice to limit it to 1bil so the game doesn't have oddly valued tokens. As far as gear limit goes, 320 might have been the highest they could go having players pick up stuff without glitches. Even 1 glitch would cause them to lower it to make sure no one has issues (though now we have the issue if having too much crap). It must secretly be a plot for people to buy more copies of the game to have extra storage. At least they let us use our shops and the ground for double space.
  5. It might not be the engine. When you develop a program, you set parameters and limitations, then build the program assuming those parameters stay true. The big design flaw is the cap though they might not have expected to update past the original game and couldn't foresee people having 1k+ items
  6. I had issues before lab assault came out. It just adds to it. If you look at DDE, these limitations arent in place. You can have 1k items and "unlimited" gold, not sure what its limit is. So while you cant get loot from running lab assault in DDE like in DD1, they still increased the limit by so much over DD1. So why not not do it in DD1 if you can. DDE is a completely different game so a limitation on DD1 wouldn't necessarily apply to DDE.
  7. There could always be something that doesn't like the changes which is why it would require a little testing before full implementation. However, you can currently sell two 1bil mana tokens and get up to 2bil in you mana bank. This gets autosaved. I haven't seen a problem with it yet. The same goes for item inventory space. It could create a little more stress on the servers saving so much. However, lab runs already filling people's boxes over 1k, 2k or more which means that it is already dealing with this. The change in mana bank size and inventory space should just make things more manageable for the players and not change much if any for Trendy. I think the tokens work because of the properties of them specifically which is why you can only sell past 600mil with tokens (or cubes like I sadly found out). As far as items, I think the limit is there because there might be issues when a player "creates" an item. The game can create and place items in the inventory with no limit but there might be a conflict when players manually pick up or create tokens. Or it's a giant plot by Trendy to dissuade us from hoarding and lab assaults. I would love it though if they could up the limits though. It's really annoying having to sell off 3k items before you can pick up more items or start to make tokens.
  8. In class, no idea what's going on so just looking through forums bump DunDefHeroManager.uc //Increase Item inventory to 800 or 1000 //line 15 in DDDK files for me const MAX_ITEM_BOX_EQUIPMENT_ULTIMATE = 1000 //Increase Mana bank limit when selling items from 600 million to 2 billion //line 19 in DDDK files for me const MAX_BANKED_MANA = 2000000000; There's a warning above it that it could crash the auto save creator. 600mil might have been the largest they could get without crashing it. I've seen friends have to redo entire parts of programs to change values so 600mil is probably the best we'll get.
  9. The doctor says to the patient: "I've got bad news and some more bad news. The bad news is, you've got cancer. And the more bad news... You've also got Alzheimer's disease. So the patient thinks for a minute and then she says, "Well, at least I don't have cancer." This is an Orange is the New Black joke. I'm not a horrible person... I swear ._.
  10. I'll start you off with a heart box
  11. curtisgk

    Item Check Thread

    Can I have one? Sorry, my friend is holding on to them. But we can both vouch that they're not hacked. :) P.S. Sorry for derailing, we'll get back to our scheduled item checking again
  12. curtisgk

    Item Check Thread

    totez legit. I was there and farmed my own U++ cat the same run. When you get a ++ cat you get 7 bonuscats aswell. So i got 8 cats that run, sadly the rest was only supreme Only supreme? I got the ult++, 3 ult+ and 4 ult my last run.
  13. Just saying, you should counter a lot higher than 10. ;)
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