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  1. I'm pretty sure Wat could beat the game with those stats. *What can Torn-geared builders do? Clear the game!*
  2. 2 coal on acc Sorry, only accepting cubes
  3. Such a hacker. That set is too OP to even drop. If legit, we should farm together sometime.
  4. Due to the coal auction, coal has risen in value to about 5 coal per cube instead of 6. And free bump.
  5. Changing my bid to a single cap diamond if you'll allow that
  6. Reptiles. If I do find them, I'll probably have to burn my house down.
  7. I spend about 4-5 hours everyday just clicking refresh on custom games and joining and helping with almost any maps. I also give out random trans and myth sets to help people break into NM (I've been there, it sucks breaking into NM. First wave of Endless Spires, anyone?) And whenever I do lab runs for myself, I always leave 2 open spots for random people. Granted all of what I do is just to help people stay in the game because no one likes getting stuck and not being able to break into harder parts of the game. I also used to do a request lobby, but I got annoyed by constant requests for WW, Silent Night, and free high end gear. I don't mind progressing players, but at that point, it's not helping the players, it's just doing the game for them. P.S. Add me, I'd like to donate a few cubes to the raffle as well. And if I win, I'll drop the cubes off in random taverns to help newer people out.
  8. I believe the limit is 4 billion if you use unsigned integer. True, but in programming classes, you're taught to never use unsigned unless absolutely necessary because then getting a negative value will screw up the program. I really need to download the DDDK again so I can see the code because I am curious if it's unsigned
  9. curtisgk

    Item Check Thread

    hacked Ahh thought so with the range, though all my self farmed cats have all negatives and 53 mana value so I don't know much about them. Need these I/C'd for an auction please
  10. Ended, I won't be playing until Wednesday so I'll do the trades then. ult gloves: c/o: 2 non cap diamonds (8 cubes) shhquiet (reserve met) tattack capping acc: c/o: 2 cubes Grimorg
  11. You only have 3 sets? You definitely shouldn't give away anything. It'd be a shame to have only 2 sets.
  12. Yea.. It really doesn't take much to tempt me to do anything. I budge easy. What will it take to get all of your event items? :D
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