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  1. I can sell you up to 9. Here is trace. Very legit.
  2. The biggest complaint is why sox won't take my anime recommendation >:(
  3. Alright guys, I've been unfair with this pricing. I will therefore be accepting ++ lab weapons at 6 ++ weapons to one cube.
  4. bump, still on the prowl for them nudes
  5. It depends on the anime recommendation...
  6. Why would you not bid 400 cubes for such a beautiful set? :Squire:
  7. no, you can bid 400 cubes though :)
  8. Howdy fellow homosexuals! Looking to vendor this ***. Minimum 40 cubes to keep cheap asses off of it. All points in hero damage http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/549807946783339617/83A9CB1AE8FC7FA7F9A96D399E445088222C9E2E/ Buyout: Prostitution? I dunno. probably prostitution. Confirmed buyout is every DDRnG mod's d1ck pic. *** I take: Diamonds: 0/0/15 Cubes Coal 10 coal per cube labs: 20 runs per cube ++ lab weapons at 6 ++ weapons per cube. # Trump2016 # CantstumptheTrump
  9. curtisgk

    WTB Care Bear

    Howdy fellow defenders! I am looking to acquire a traced care bear for my beautiful floor. Shoot me a PM if you have one you want to trade for 25 cubes. Steam linked in my profile.
  10. I'll give you a list of completely mainstream animes you should watch even though you've mostly likely seen them since I actually only watch a couple for the armguards <3
  11. I'll do 6 cubes on the beard
  12. As the title says, looking for a rainmaker. Since Mashka rekt me in my only hopes for a Stieg, I may as well go for a consolation prize :p Must be traced. Magi and wish traced to Starfox
  13. Well damn, no way I can outbid that. Good luck and hope the Stieg enjoys it's new home.
  14. magi + rock + wish + 25 cubes for 230
  15. Why you gotta do this to me? :( Magi + rock + wish for 215
  16. If my magi was only worth 420 mana, I'd let you sell them to new players for 2 coal like you like to try doing >_>
  17. Magi + wish + 25 cubes + 30 coal for 180 cv
  18. I don't think you realize how long I've wanted a stieg... Magi + Wish
  19. Woops, forgot and was a little busy. Shot you an invite on steam.
  20. It's only 50 cubes, that's not a lot. Considering I would be willing to dump everything I own on a real ult, I guess I can settle for 50 on a fake but good looking one haha
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