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  1. 9 If this was on the DDE threads, nobody would know this exists.
  2. 2 Should've put this in the DD1 section. We could get to the thousands without interruption
  3. 1) What's the point? Nobody will care enough to grind TD for a hundred hours. That's just tedious. 2) The only way to make old weapons on par with the new ones is to make the old ones stronger or the new ones weaker, both have problems. Making the old ones on par would require making the maps more difficult, otherwise nobody will bother to farm the hard maps. Making the new ones weaker would be useless since so many pre-patch weapons would still be around and the old weapons would still be crap. 3) Actually possible depending on how much effort the CDT puts into it. Remember that they aren't paid for doing this so don't expect too much. 4) Could be possible but doesn't seem all that useful. As for the events, event hosts have lives so I doubt they want to spend every weekend hosting. Also, your quality of events would be terrible. It takes time to make the event maps and after a few months, the events would devolve into random junk.
  4. One of my favorite TV shows. Ending was very good and it ended on the creators terms which is pretty rare for disney. Definitely worth seeing.
  5. curtisgk

    WTS Lab Runs 1:10

    well i thought they where worth about 40-45cv so i made my offer at 50 to make it more interesting. Maybe i will learn someday how stuff is valued. Removed the items from the list for now. NPC is around 75ish +- 15 depending on how the person prices it, but it's generally around 75. Older ones are valued higher due to their rarity.
  6. Bumping old threads is against forum rules.
  7. curtisgk

    WTB Cursed Gear

    Wow, this is nothing but disgusting discrimination. It is unfair to value one type of item over another just because of it's stats. I demand equal pay for all.
  8. XP nerf because if our gear got nerfed more, we would have to resort to hacking for good ult++ stuff. Breakfast or dinner?
  9. 5 cubes on 221^ dps beard, 2 on 161^ annatars, 2 on 164^ tower annatars
  10. And for my groovy picture, no disco is complete until you get some brightly colored clothes on and have a fun dance with all your friends. Sadly, these friends were more interested in killing me than having a dance party. :(
  11. In communist DD, all ++ lab weapons and deeper well runs are equal and worth nothing because they are but a cog in the capitalist pig system. Unless they are farmed by me. Then they are more equal and ++ lab weapons are worth 2 coal, and the deeper well runs are worth 2 cubes.
  12. Well by my totally legit evaluation, Deeper Well runs done by me are worth at least 2 cubes a piece, or roughly 12 ++ lab weapons.
  13. What is your valuation of Deeper Well NMHC runs?
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