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  1. We need to change it so that skeletons start on wave 25 max so we can make fun of caimen's misery.
  2. 1 I seriously think that this thread should be removed from the activity feed. It's pretty spammy especially on the lower activity DD1 forums.
  3. Just a reminder that there are only 3 more days to submit an entry for the giveaway.
  4. Your bid is crap. Make it gold :)
  5. No reserve has been met. Throwing in lava is still worth more than current bids ;)
  6. I'm going to add a stipulation to this contest. I ask that the winner of the items do not sell the items. Either keep them or give them away to another user for free.
  7. Let's get the pricing under way. I'm selling mine for cubes and diamonds 4/8/15 Auction ends April 30th, 11:59pm EST There is a hidden reserve. Hammer c/o: 25 cubes- Heavy Shield c/o: 22 Zig
  8. Just going to point out that I made a thread about this a couple weeks ago ;) https://dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/132551/what-other-games-do-you-play Anyways, I'm currently playing town of salem.
  9. curtisgk


    Just to add on to this, untraced are usually work 10-20% of the value of traced events. Usually you don't find many untraced less usable events like Admiral's so it's likely you'll only find a traced Admiral.
  10. I'll still drop by to help with beta feedback, it's near impossible to 100% quit this game. Can't believe it's been 6 months since you've played, time's been flying. Sad thing is that you've we've played equal amounts of DD in that time for the most part.
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