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  1. I have one major complaint. There are no harbingers on every map. Deeper well easy needs at least 50 of them. Embermount Drops Not sure if anybody else was having this problem, but every drop from Embermount NMHC survival (no MM) was absolute crap. Did waves 10-30 with monk and only get ult and supreme weapons. Got about 15 ults and 10 supreme. No supreme had more than 400 tower attack and no ult had more than 500 tower attack. The rest of the stats were so terrible I'm not entirely sure how it spawned ult. I switched to summoner for the last 10 waves and immediately stopped having ult drops and supreme drops were rare. In the 10 waves, I had 3 supreme with meh stats. The final reward is pretty good. Stats are nice for such a hard pet to get and the lack of speed boost makes it not OP. I think it's fine where it's at. All my accessories and weapons have been total trash with a few nice high stats, but I assume that's just due to bad RNG. Waveskipping Not entirely fixed, but the window to do it has definitely been lowered. Went from skipping all waves in BB to only being able to skip 3. Annatar Set Bonus First thing I noticed was an annoying black box around the circle next to the weapon that can only be seen on the right side http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/494646452319676167/74DD8B7EC55B3A7C9142BC53AD0BD3F21DB6D426/
  2. MAGA Michili wins this if nobody bids by tomorrow night.
  3. curtisgk

    Item Check Thread

    Regardless of whether or not you farmed it, you always need an IC because quite a few people try to pass on IC's because they "self-farmed" it.
  4. It's some annoying title for DD2 pre-Steam release players. (bought it from the DD store or got a copy from a giveaway or something). Literally means nothing now and it just changes our forum color.
  5. If we're really pulling stupid *** like that that bid, you could real the rules and see coal isn't accepted.
  6. IC by me: it's possible Accpeting cubes, diamonds 4/8/15 and lab runs 1:15 but lab runs have to be a minimum bid of at least 75 No reserve Goes until interest dies out c/o: 8 cubes- Michili
  7. Since when has it ever been about only fixing bugs? It's always been to add more content to the game and change it based on what the community wants. You're not forced to start on wave 33. Hell, you can be a true player and start at the earliest wave possible. All this does is make maps that are a pain to do with minimal reward worth doing. P.S. Moving while building was a Trendy thing so you're ***ing at the wrong people ;)
  8. Trump is alt right, centralist and the new leader of the GOP so of course Trump is better than senile grandpa Sanders Cruz or Trump?
  9. Why? Cause pan is fun to make fun of and sucks to owe something to. MAGA!
  10. Trump no doubt. MAGA [[10972,hashtags]] Democrat or Republican? cause nobody cares about you non Muricans ;) MAGA!
  11. bergz, don't sell your soul to pancakes. It's not worth it. Laugh at him in group chat instead.
  12. I'll take 600 if I can put 5 people in.
  13. It's rare. Nothing more, nothing less. Same reason old events with ***ty stats are expensive.
  14. Stats aren't important, you're paying for the fact it's a ++ robot That said, 5 cubes
  15. Yeah, I'll be on DD in a couple of days, I'll hit up the winners and see when you guys have time to trade
  16. Congrats to the winners! Marten01- Rainmaker Spader44- Cavalry [[46687,users]]- Cavalry Messages will get sent to the winners and they have 5 days to respond before I reroll if they don't pick up the items.
  17. I'm 100% sure this breaks the spam rule, but then again rules are for chumps so good job pandy!
  18. How THE HELL did you get 8.590.002 POSTS ????????? look at this pic Dani confirmed haxor. I demand he be banned immediately.
  19. 22 cubes isn't a buyout, I just wouldn't sell it at all if the final auction price is less than 22
  20. Gold star in DDRnG chat is the only buyout *cough* harry *cough* Reserve is 20 hammer 22 shield
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