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  1. Treadmills can spawn better than most diamonds, but it's pretty rare. Diamonds still beat almost every single treadmill on attack. treadmills soft cap at 700 which makes most of them 100 points less than a good diamond. Diamonds also double cap more often than treadmills.

  2. I have one major complaint. There are no harbingers on every map. Deeper well easy needs at least 50 of them.

    Embermount Drops

    Not sure if anybody else was having this problem, but every drop from Embermount NMHC survival (no MM) was absolute crap. Did waves 10-30 with monk and only get ult and supreme weapons. Got about 15 ults and 10 supreme. No supreme had more than 400 tower attack and no ult had more than 500 tower attack. The rest of the stats were so terrible I'm not entirely sure how it spawned ult. I switched to summoner for the last 10 waves and immediately stopped having ult drops and supreme drops were rare. In the 10 waves, I had 3 supreme with meh stats. 

    The final reward is pretty good. Stats are nice for such a hard pet to get and the lack of speed boost makes it not OP. I think it's fine where it's at. All my accessories and weapons have been total trash with a few nice high stats, but I assume that's just due to bad RNG.


    Not entirely fixed, but the window to do it has definitely been lowered. Went from skipping all waves in BB to only being able to skip 3. 

    Annatar Set Bonus

    First thing I noticed was an annoying black box around the circle next to the weapon that can only be seen on the right side


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