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  1. Because 10 minutes of creating fonts is just too hard for our poor helpless friends at Duxter. Doing real work would be too hard.
  2. This is the DD2 section, as well as DD1 and DDE. Website feedback subforum is for everyone.
  3. Damn mkjo, I don't see you around in awhile and then out of the blue you have this insane bid.
  4. When talking about the crusades, just yell "Dues Vult! Reclaim the holy land of Jerusalem from the Muslims." Just don't be a jerk about it and portray religions in a bad light. That might hurt somebody's feelings :(
  5. Don't do it Harry. We all know CD hates you. Farm me ult++ armor instead
  6. DDDK only goes up to before lab assault. Only the CDT has access to the moonbase files.
  7. Edit: Just realized this was in lounge, would've sworn it said general discussion. Probably shouldn't post the second I wake up. This would fit better in general discussion of DD2. Lounge is for anything but DD
  8. We've been over this a dozen times. Trendy has abandoned DD1 in favor of DD2. There are no resources to put out console updates and nowhere near enough support from the community to warrant it.
  9. Nice work around. I think the general rule of thumb nowadays is that if it's broken on DD1, it's working on DD2.
  10. Clicking on the menu bar doesn't do anything for me when I click on it. Total pain in the ass considering I can't log in on mobile anymore... Tried with both Safari and Chrome on iPhone 5s 9.3.2
  11. I don't see the point in putting down the exact multiplier. Much more fun to experiment and find that stuff out on your own :)
  12. Damn, I was hoping to get the item of choice so I could choose an ult++ lab weapon :(
  13. Sounds like you're a failure if a drunk person was able to beat you.
  14. Y'all are doing this wrong. What you need to do is spam the thread so much that it get's locked.
  15. Strength: Upgrading quickly cause 7k+ cast rate Jesters are OP Weakness: Finding time to play :(
  16. Treadmills can spawn better than most diamonds, but it's pretty rare. Diamonds still beat almost every single treadmill on attack. treadmills soft cap at 700 which makes most of them 100 points less than a good diamond. Diamonds also double cap more often than treadmills.
  17. Kirby is really bad [[2624,hashtags]] M A G A
  18. What pet are you referring to?
  19. I can give you a 200k saw with charge and extra projectiles for a magi
  20. If it's not launching properly, right click on DD --> local files --> verify integrity I had to do that each time before being able to launch the game when I switched over to beta.
  21. I think SnD's need to be nerfed a little bit in the early game since when I've been playing with it, it just eviscerates ogres and can tank kobolds no problem. They're a bit too OP for that early in game and also makes the first two boss fights a near instant win.
  22. The 3/4 is a lot better. Makes huntress much more bearable in early game. Started another new play through using the huntress and it's a lot more manageable and traps don't get destroyed immediately. One of the best tower balances.
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