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  1. Modeled off Make America Great Again hat Named "MDDGA", description is "Dungeon Defenders was made great on *insert date when CDT took over*, raised by America, upgrades is 118 since November 8th is MAGA day. Red with white text saying MDDGA Stats are all 999 since it will literally be the best thing to ever happen to DD.
  2. Why would you ever kick somebody for posting Justin Bieber songs? Justin Bieber is better than everybody else, especially Taylor Swift.
  3. Jerk making me hop on DD >:( Can't wait though
  4. DD2 is still in alpha as an early release, DD1 is in normal release Alpha just means the game is still in early development where there can be a lot of bugs and many changes to come to the game
  5. Why would anybody want this trash?
  6. Kinda feel like a *** now for not knowing it was done then D:
  7. Ends in another 48 hours because I accidentally told coffee it was still active and forgot it was supposed to end.
  8. Truly the finest. 2 cubes for this sexy piece
  9. bumpity bump. Ending in 36 hours if no other bids
  10. Not a freebie, paid 5 cubes for the run :p
  11. Achievements have always been to show off, never has it had any impact on the game. We shouldn't stop doing achievements to prove that we were able to beat maps just because some players want to keep their 100%. 100% completion is to show off dedication to a game. If you're dedicated, you'll come back and beat the map. Otherwise, you're clearly not that dedicated to the game which is completely fine.
  12. Thank you RnGesus for blessing my return to DD. No reserve because I don't care. Ends in about 7-8 days, not sure when I can get on exactly. Accepting coal (6:1), cubes, diamonds 4/8/15.
  13. We all know I'm a lazy sack of *** so I'm looking to buy an embermount run so I can do the achievement. I'm only going to take 1 spot and do absolutely nothing the entire time. PM me on steam or in-game and we can work out a price. Edit: Found a runner already
  14. Terrible idea I can not support. We need ult++ chickens, not just ult chickens. On a more serious note, I disagree with the nerf on insane. To me, it's too much of a nerf. I think it would be more balanced to have insane have 175^ and 400 stats. With 300 stats and only 150^, it would seem quite a bit too weak compared to what we have now and seems unfair to high end new players. I support the NM chicken with what you said.
  15. I used to see them go for 1 or 2 coal in player shops a few months back. They're sold in player shops exclusively.
  16. It's currently only available in beta (you can't get the achievement from beta though) and will be available in the normal version in the upcoming weeks.
  17. Heard it in the GoT trailer, complete addiction to it since then.
  18. This happened awhile ago to me, seems to be an issue with the clock. It fixes itself after a day or two.
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