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  1. I offer 20 ++ lab assault weapons ;)
  2. It looked pretty and now I realize I don't use squire and need cubes for events
  3. You can't really reset it completely. You can sell all your stuff, delete your characters and and just give some random person the rest of your mana. You can't get rid of trophies already gotten though.
  4. Join the Event group on steam and wait until a host has a free spot.
  5. Howdy defenders, looking to auction off my extra supreme. hidden reserve on all. Accepting coal 6:1, cubes, diamonds 4/9/15 Buy them all out for a Rainmaker ;) Leather helm 1 c/o: Leather helm 2 c/o: Plat chest c/o: Plate gloves c/o: Chain boots 1 c/o: Chain boots 2 c/o:
  6. Who needs health? Accepting cubes, diamonds 4/9/15, PM me for event prices, lab 1:15 c/o: 30 cubes Madawk End date: When I get around to it, so like a week Forgot to mentions there's a hidden reserve. Not too high because I haven't used my squire in like a year.
  7. Of course. Don't worry though, I also fall into the category these days.
  8. does he not have the game thier scores and names are right there ICE might be one of those losers with a life and might not see everything immediately. Speaking of leaderboards, I'm sure anyone with a position higher than me is a hacker.
  9. Even if I only get dimes, at least I get paid. This is the only hope you have of sleeping with something. <3 
  10. Viral, your body isn't even worth an admiral djinn, let alone a captain djinn's hat.
  11. Eew, such small increment. Magi + double cap + 60 coal
  12. Running pubs??? It would just be easier to have us run polybius NMHC solo. Do you think I'm a member of a DD group that does runs for people???? Oh wait....
  13. That ugly green diamond for 110 cubes
  14. This is a known problem they didn't catch in beta testing for the current build. It should be fixed by the next patch which hits beta testing in the middle of this month and hopefully we see the patch come out soon.
  15. Alhanalem gave the reason, sadly you're just going to have to accept it. It's too much work for an Indie company working on another title to do. It's definitely not something a few volunteers are going to be able to do. I'd recommend the change to PC if you can.
  16. Banned for using quotes which break the reply post by always appearing.
  17. I'm surprised to see that this is still active. Anyways, gotta love the foreign music every once in awhile.
  18. ....1 coal and I don't ban you from chat...
  19. We don't have it the same as DD2. Our game feedback subforum is Acen's PM's
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