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  1. Dude... my data is correct -.- If you would have bothered reading it... actually looking at the picture... I checked the data with 4 heroes in-game as I said and the results were matching my calculations. So before you are going to say any *** get your facts straight. You are luckily one of the 10% (or less) I've talked about... Here's a secret I've learned after spending the past 8 years in research, never take a person's word for something unless it's within the norm and able to be replicated. :^). I've shown a 5% change at 6400 stats between the event and a 31.4k chicken. It's known that each item has a specific multiplier, but considering your data compared to mine is horrendously off, even a 5% difference at 6.5k stats wouldn't translate into more than few more percent difference at lower stats if you follow the logarithmic function this game clearly exhibits. You are seriously comparing pet dps on a 6.5k hero which have exactly how many players of the community? With further knowledge about the game and scaling of pets and heroes you would soft-pedal. Noted above, it's logarithmic and the difference would be greater but not enough to be significant even at a 95% interval. Your data appears to be attributing a greater difference than there is. Something I want to point out with your seahorse data is that it's a perfect linear 1.0 R^2 value. I sure do wonder how on earth you got that for a game that is not linear :^) Hopefully you got the point now. Please think before you post.... God damn this line reads as if you can't possibly jerk yourself off hard enough. I'd recommend you rethink your data before you think this game has linear progression :)))))))))) Edit: You picked a magical point where both logarithmic and linear models match each other at a perfect 1.000 R^2 value with 2 values. Geez, I sure wonder how that happened if you only include 2 data points ;)))))
  2. For a lot of players the endgame is all about getting the best stats, to make more efficient builds, and just to show off. If there is only one item that is clearly the best, then those people will use that if its available. Why not get some additional stats? How many players do you think there are who would not use celeb/magi if they had them? This leads to most people at the endgame running around with the same items as everyone else. This is even worse in mmos, where it actually is important to have the best stats for pvp. Now I agree that its not much of a difference having 8k or 8.2k, but given the choice, I would still rather have 8.2k. The problem I have, and its just my opinion, is the homogenious look this creates. All builders have magis; all jesters have RM. I would find it much more interesting to see more variety in endgame. And it gives me something to farm :) more dias :D If your builders are using magis, you're not stat whoring hard enough cause you lose the 200 points ;) Also, as a side note, post in this thread to prevent the derailing.
  3. Howdy, since we're derailing the event thread, let's try to migrate this discussion out of it to this thread.
  4. Your data is ***. Here'es some data from in-game. Cavalry 1 Cavalry 2 31.4k chicken 1 31.4k chicken 2 37k chicken 1 37k chicken 2 31.4k chicken stats 37k chicken stats Cavalry stats As you can see from the data, the cavalry is just slightly higher at a 9.5mil DPS average over the 8.75mil average DPS of a 31.4k chicken. The DPS is negligible when we consider end game DPS. It's also worth nothing I got a 9.4mil DPS slightly more frequently than the 8.1mil DPS but I'm a lazy ass who doesn't care enough to sample more than a couple times in screens. I think a better approximation would be slightly lower than 9mil at about a 5% decrease in damage from the cavalry. I can say that at those stats, 9.5 is very accurate as the sampling is consistent between those two damages. The damage of the 37k chicken is roughly 15% higher than the cavalry with *** stats. From the data, there's not really a reason to say the cavalry is superior. It is superior for the lower level people, but events also need to be targeted at the upper end of players as well. The cavalry is a suitable replacement if a player doesn't mind giving up about 10% of their DPS.
  5. It probably depends on the stats of the chicken. My ***ty 32k chicken has about equal stats with the cavalry. It's nothing anybody is going to go out of their way to use. Also you have to remember that events are useless at end game. Do those extra 100-150 point matter on a diamond? not at all. Do those extra 200 points in health/rate/range matter on a celeb? Nope. The extra DPS on a RM is useless when a monk with a decent chicken can do far more damage. At the end, the only reason for events is to throw them around as money or to use them for looks. The stats are meaningless when there is no benefit to them.
  6. lol so much salt. I take it you haven't seen the event item? You should try waiting to see what the item is before you try to *** on everybody that took their time to put on a fun event. He's right though, the event IS way better than anything you can farm, which is something I am not a fan of. I would like to see more "interesting" event items, that do different things. For example the rockshatter, as far as I know it does not do insanely high dps (I don't own one, so not sure), but it has good stats and does something no other gun really does, leading to interesting scenarios and different options in your games. Half the fun of this game is farming anyway, and if you can't beat the event Items, then whats really the point? Might as well get them instead... Don't get me wrong, I am happy events are back :) Have you used the event item? It's useless for anybody that's farmed a non ***ty chicken. The Cavalry is on par with about a 32k chicken from my testing. The only thing the new event has is the title of ultimate. The stats are on par with a normal trans with about 8k more base damage. While you might not be able to farm a better seahorse, chickens destroy them. And it's not like anybody farms horses anymore, I think me and sir Kirby were the last people farming them months ago. As for beating events, there are tons of ways to get something better than events. Aside from RM, Magis and Celebs, you can beat any event item made. If anybody farms an ult seahorse, it's guaranteed to go for at least 50x what the cavalry is worth. Surprise surprise, an in-game item is worth more than a mass produced item to give people a bit of fun. If events aren't useful and everyone wants to keep them at piss poor stats, they'll never see anything besides a tavern floor.
  7. lol so much salt. I take it you haven't seen the event item? You should try waiting to see what the item is before you try to *** on everybody that took their time to put on a fun event.
  8. If you won't accept my magnificent lab currency, I guess I'll have to offer 2 cubes and 12 plebeian coal. for a 4 cube value total
  9. Banned for being a DD2 player and not a DD1 player
  10. I assume you're talking about DD2 since both are trash in DD1 so I'm going to say huntress in DD1 DD1 or DD2?
  11. Chocolate cookies Apple or Android
  12. Banned for not accepting ++ lab weapons
  13. Banned because this once active thread is as dead as can be
  14. I'll say dog because out of being close to death from allergies, dogs are slightly better. TV or movies?
  15. i don't know if i can accept such great items for it you see the lab weapons are far more valuable than my peasantry ult++ quietus. I believe such an exquisite fine deserves nothing but the best of ++ lab weapons :)
  16. Seriously, this is just basic crap you should do for us. Nobody on DD1 knows how to get a hold of Trendy for resets or reporting players unless they go to the DD2 forums. Would be very nice to not have to give the specific link to the zendesk and instead refer them to the forums like the DD2 half of the website has.
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