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  1. @Aparris quote:

    @bonny quote:

    This happens to me too but only when i use my emulator. leaving the tavern and coming back usually fixes it. im not entirely sure that this is the problem you have but yeah thats my solution

    I cant exit the tavern while the level select is frozen. D:

    Try to close the game using control+shift+escape to open task manager. That should allow you to close the game using end task even if it's frozen. If that doesn't work, restart your computer using control+alt+delete so your computer isn't frozen by the game. It might help to check the game files through steam or completely reinstall if you have continued freezing.

  2. I got it a long time ago and no longer have a trace for it. (blame my Macbook for having a shorted battery that destroyed the computer >_>)  I'm a long standing member of the community so hopefully that helps assure that it isn't hacked.

    Accepting only ult capping 3/4 stat sets (no 4th stat negative) or supreme capping 4 stat sets. Ult sets are worth one point with 3 stats, ult sets with 4 stats are worth 1.5 points and supreme sets are worth .75 points.

    This will probably last 1 week if people are interested. Minimum bid is worth 3 points.

    Quick edit: PM me the items if you are the winning bid and they will be IC'd. If the winning bid fails an IC, the auction will be continued for an extra couple of days.

    CO: 0 points and 2 years of chemo

  3. @Plane quote:

    @curtisgk quote:

    Cutting the cost in half is a bit too drastic in my opinion since diamonds are pretty important in trading and could easily make them worth far less. 66 would be a better cost for a diamond since 88 is a bit too much and wouldn't devalue them as much. 

    This is about small diamonds, which aren't very important in trading.  Regular diamonds would remain at 88 coal.

    Whoops, I missed a couple of words. Total agreement then. Should definitely be 44 small coal. 

  4. Barbs have higher damage per hit which makes them ideal for some bosses like cupid on tavern defense. Monks have about the same to higher DPS overall which makes them better for most bosses. It really does come down to personal preference and how you use the character. Monk melee is better than monk range. 

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