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  1. Welcome to Chromatic Games

    Outside of the update to UE4, what sets this aside from DD1? I was an early buyer of DD2 and it ended up flopping compared to DD1. Looking at the kickstarter, the first 8 points brings nothing new outside of Switch support. New bosses and new maps means nothing given the DD1 development team has brought both of those. The next points just indicate bringing DD2 features to DD1. My main concern is that the last time stat improvements happened, we got DDE and DD2 where stat benefits were garbage. The last point that I want to bring up is 'tons of quality of life'. It seems useless if it's about returning to DD roots and the other points are useless. This seems like nothing but a cash-grab to get funding for DD3.

    As a side not, will this also include insane amounts of microtransactions that force players to spend additional money to get full access or will it allow players to earn new characters/towers in-game?

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