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  1. My best memory from DD is from when i meet for first time the people at DDFRBR(and the later groups),ive meet a lot of amazing people and made some good friends...yknow who i mean <3<3 https://steamcommunity.com/id/arcama89/
  2. I wish you all merry christmas and a happy new year!
  3. Im in. GL everyone :armwave: \o/
  4. Screenshot My favourite DD memory was back in the begining of the game when i used to play with friends for the first time and we had no idea how it worked(so hyped about a tower defense game :D)
  5. i like you too kiwi :hearth: (insert here steam emote) #389
  6. Small fatty pinky adorable ball of love,with some serial killer trends? #289
  7. o/ that tav floor is like mine,full of fancy colorbeams everywhere :D
  8. harbringers so op :D,i totally forgot about them and afked like a boss,went to grab a beer and when i came back i found myself dead....wondering what killed me till i saw it. the survival starting wave ability to start at higher waves is so cool,no more long runs to farm chickens (havent tried any other surv). Also,the loot beam,is cool yes, but for someone like me who have the tav filled with stuff on floor...well...it seems a saturday disco now,beams everywhere. Not sure if i missed any post regarding this but a turn off/on in options would be so cool :D (probably the people that will read
  9. Thanks for the feedback. How much damage do you think the Ethereal should be hitting for? My proxies cost me 3 DU and deal 400k while my Etheral Spikes cost me 3 DU and deal 4M. So we should start by raising the cost to 5-6 DU and a x7 dmg scale between proxies and spikes should be good. Indeed ethereals are overpowered now i think, as akasame said, maybe raising the DU cost to match its dmg would be a good balance, proxies are awesome (i like to spawn proxies everywhere on my runs :D). Another thing that would be nice (this is my personal opinion) would be if you can look a bit more far wit
  10. There we go: Tavern Aquanos
  11. Redhaired merry christmas style
  12. Got 2 runs there. Album Gl all <3 :armwave:
  13. 25 cv + a :hearth: ,traced pump+lab runs
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